Non-payment court cases declines by 27% in 2018: CAPMAS

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The non-payment court cases “protesto” cases declined by 27% to 4,791 cases in 2018, compared to 6,560 cases in 2017, according to the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS).

In its bulletin on protesto and bankruptcy cases in 2018 issued on Wednesday, CAPMAS said the value of settled protesto cases declined by 5.9%, with paid debt of EGP 53.5m in 2018, down from EGP 56.9m in 2017, a decrease of EGP 3.4m.

According to CAPMAS, the unsettled protesto cases decreased by 37.3% to 12,500 cases in 2018, down from 19,935 cases in 2017.

“The debt value of non–paid protesto cases increased by 39.1%, reaching EGP 1bn in 2018, compared to EGP 0.7bn in 2017,” according to CAPMAS.

“Cairo ranked first among governorates with most settled protesto cases by 1,188 cases representing 24.8% of total settled protesto cases in Egypt, followed by Menoufiya by 492 cases (10.3%), then Daqahleya by 473 cases (9.9 %),” CAPMAS unveiled.

Cairo also ranked first in terms of the paid debt value in protesto cases, reaching EGP 17.7m, representing 33 % of the total paid debt. Beni Suef came in the second place, where the paid debt value reached EGP 4.6m, representing 8.7% of total paid debt in Egypt, followed by Menoufiya by EGP 3.6m (6.7%).

Moreover, Cairo topped the list of governorates of most unsettled protesto cases, by 2,272 cases, representing 18.2% of total cases, followed by Menoufiya by 1,052 cases (8.4%). Beheira came in the third place by 1,017 cases, representing 8.1% of the total cases.

Meanwhile, the South Sinai ranked first in terms of the debt value of unsettled protesto cases, by EGP 565.9m, representing 56.7% of the total value of unpaid debts, followed by Cairo by EGP 236.4m (23.7%). Giza ranked third by EGP 61.4m, representing 6.1 % of the total unpaid debts, according to the CAPMAS.

On the other hand, bankruptcy cases reached four in 2018, up from only a case in 2017.

“The debt value of bankruptcy cases reached EGP 8.3m in 2018, compared to EGP 0.2m in 2017, an increase of EGP 8.1m,” the CAPMAS said.

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