Parliament to discuss protection of personal data in Egypt

Sarah El-Sheikh
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The parliamentary committee of telecommunications, headed by MP Ahmad Badawi, will start on Monday to discuss a government-drafted bill concerning the protection of personal data.

The committee will listen to different views to decide the next procedure that will satisfy all parties.

The bill consists of 49 articles to ensure the provision of legal and technical protection for personal data on the internet, and to set the best mechanism to deal with the dangers emerging due to usage of citizens’ personal data as well as to combat the violation of their privacy in order to comply with international legislation in this regard.

The bill will require that institutions, entities, and individuals controlling personal data shall appoint an employee to protect such data within their organisations, to ensure their privacy.

It further aims to create a procedural framework to regulate cross-border data transfers so as to ensure their protection, non-transfer, or sharing with countries where data are unprotected.

He pointed out that the aim of the project is also to encourage foreign investment, and to work with the law combating cybercrime and electronic transactions to correspond with developments on telecommunication networks in order to protect the rights of citizens and foreigners.

Badawi pointed out that the provisions contained in the bill will apply to Egyptians and foreigners alike and that the Minister of Telecommunications will be concerned to issue the executive regulation of the law once it is issued.

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