Prices of November deliveries moving slowly

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A picture taken on September 25, 2015 shows cars parked at the logistics park of German auto giant Volkswagen in Villers-Cotterets. Volkswagen sank into its deepest crisis after it revealed that up to 11 million of its diesel cars had been fitted with devices designed to fool emissions tests, after US officials publicly accused the company of cheating and launched a probe into the claims. AFP PHOTO/FRANCOIS NASCIMBENI (Photo credit should read FRANCOIS NASCIMBENI/AFP/Getty Images)

The car market has witnessed a slow movement state in the announcement of the delivery prices for the third month in a row. The change was in several Toyota models, Geely, and BMW. The increases ranged between EGP 1,000 and EGP 50,000.

Nissan, Renault, Mitsubishi and Mercedes Benz have seen a absolute steadiness in prices. Although, several months ago, they did change their prices.

Decline in Fortuner’s price after increase last month 

This month has seen slight changes in the deliveries of Toyota, including the first class of Fortuner, whose prices reached EGP 890,000, after an increase last month of EGP 40,000, taking the price to EGP 965,000.

The latest major increase by the company was two months ago, when the company reduced  the price of the highest class of Fortuner by EGP 35,000, taking its price to EGP 1.1m.

There was also an increase in the prices of Auris by EGP 10,000 on the first class, taking the price to EGP 440,000, in addition to EGP 15,000 to the second category, taking the price to EPG 515,000.

Calm movements in the price of Emgrand 7

Last month, a new Emgrand 7 was introduced under the ‘Imperial’ name, and only one class of the car with automatic ‘CVT’ transmission. The price of the car dropped by EGP 10,000, reaching a total price of EPG 275,000.

As for manual transmission, the company added to its price about EGP 1,000, taking the increase to EGP 196,000 last month.

Also, last month, the X7 saw an increase of EGP 20,000 in its only category which comes with a turbocharger and automatic transmission, for a total price of EGP 315,000.

Steadiness in prices of Renault for third month in a row

The prices of Renault stabilised for four consecutive months, after witnessing changes in July by an increase of EGP 3,000 added to several models, making the price of the Logan starting at EGP 190,000. As for the Sandero Stepway, its price increased to EGP 255,000, leaving the prices of these models stable without changes for several months.

Kia’s prices slowdown after change last month

This month is seeing stability in the prices of Kia’s deliveries, except for the first category of Ceed whose price increased by EGP 5,000, reaching EGP 360,000, unlike last month when the prices of several models’ changed, such as the Rio, whose price was taken to EGP 280,000.

The second category’s price reached EGP 334,000, and the Soul reached EGP 404,000 for the highest category, while the lowest category of the Sportage reached EGP 454,000.

Noteworthy, in September, the prices of the Kia saw changes, especially in the Carens which declined by EGP 30,000, while the second category of the Sportage increased by EGP 40,000.

The Grand Cerato also entered the price race, with prices starting at EGP 330,000 for the first category, EGP 355,000 for the second, EGP 380,000 for the third, and EGP 420,000 for the fourth.

Stability in Mitsubishi prices except for Xpander

This month witnessed stability in all the prices of the Mitsubishi deliveries except for the first category of the Xpander, whose price increased by EGP 10,000, reaching EGP 385,000, entering the price race in September, and is available in both the first and second categories, starting at EGP 399,000.

This is the second car Mitsubishi adds to its fleet after the Eclipse, which saw an increase in July in all its categories, except for the second, making the price of the first class following  the increase EGP 440,000, the third EGP 495,000, the fourth EGP 555,000, the fifth and highest EGP 575,000.

The prices of the Mitsubishi saw an increase in September as EGP 5,000 were added to the prices of all the Lancer categories.

Stability in Nissan’s prices after slight increases

Nissan have seen a noticeable stability in prices except for the Qashqai, as its price increased by EGP 3,000, taking it cost to EGP 440,000.

Notably, Nissan saw a slight increase in its prices two months ago, as the first class increased by EGP 4,000 reaching EGP 219,000, the second by EGP 3,000, reaching EGP 230,000, and the third increased by EGP 4,000, reaching EGP 241,000.

Nissan offered its Patrol model in the Automech Formula exhibition events for EGP 3.7m, entering the list of the 10 most expensive cars in the exhibition.

A state of calm in BMW prices after turbulent changes

This month saw a state of calm in the prices of BMW deliveries, making this the third month in a row following an increase ranging between EGP 2,000 and EGP 77,000. Noteworthy, last month saw the BMW X3 enter the price race with its first class for EGP 375,000 and the second for EGP 1.650m. The new eighth category is expected to enter the race after being exhibited in Automech Formula.

Stability in Chevrolet prices except for two models

The prices of the Chevrolet models have been stable for the third month in a row, except for the automatic transmission model of the Aveo whose price reached EGP 212,000, and the N300 whose price declined to reach EGP 171,000.

The latest increase made by the company was in August. It was on the Lanos, as the price increased by EGP 3,000 and the second class of the Aveo by EGP 2,000. The company is expected to announce the prices of the New Malibu soon, as it is preparing to launch it in the Egyptian market during the upcoming period.

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