Jude Benhalim celebrates Mother’s Day with bullets

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Mothers are often adamant on raising children who can endure the challenges of life. With women’s rights finally achieving long-awaited milestones every day around the globe, mothers are now even more determined to teach their young girls the values of strength, confidence, and perseverance.

Jude Benhalim is a young jewellery designer who has been widely celebrated around the region for her strong aesthetic and precise words of power. Her eloquent fashion line is most known for geometric shapes and poetic lyrics of empowerment.

In celebration of mothers everywhere, the designer has relaunched one of her most successful designs; yet, with a new twist. Bullets are Benhalim’s ode to women’s vigour. Her silver jewellery is dedicated to females worth celebrating as well as those in need of support.

The new collection features a revamped update of the brand’s most well-identified design. The “Bullet” includes silver charms adorned with resin stones and hand carved, inspiring Arabic calligraphy.

Each piece is designed with love in order to whisper to the wearer words of encouragement and solace. Meanwhile, the calligraphic expressions were carefully selected by the designer to convey the strength and beauty of her leading ladies.

According to Benhalim, the bullet, with its bold design and sharp edges, is in fact her interpretation of subtle strength.

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