Protocol agreed between Red Sea Ports, Military Production to establish fishing ports in Abu Ramad, Shalateen

Hossam Mounir
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The National Organisation for Military Production and Red Sea Ports Authority signed a cooperation protocol to establish fishing ports in Abu Ramad and Shalateen.

According to Minister of Transport Hisham Arafat, this protocol aims to start cooperation between the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Military Production to utilise their expertise in the development of Red Sea ports.

Arafat added that Abu Ramad fishing port will be built on an area of ​​70,000 sqm at an estimated cost of EGP 120m, and is expected to serve 1,450 ships. Shalateen port will be built on an area of ​​150,000 sqm at an estimated cost of EGP 150m, expected to serve 1,780 ships.

He pointed out that the construction of the two ports will include building marine platforms for different kinds of fishing units, in addition to logistical services, administrative buildings, facilities, and infrastructure. It also includes the construction of warehouses, gas stations, ice factories, and fish sorting and packaging halls.

According to Arafat, the two ports will also be provided with other services such as buildings for rent, mosques, banks, cafeterias, and shops for fishing requirements, in addition to green areas, post offices, medical clinics, and complete networks of facilities.

He added that under this protocol, the National Authority for Military Production will establish two 20-tonne ice producers, two desalination plants at Shalateen and Abu Ramad ports, as well as two waste processing plants, fuel stations, and electricity generators, in addition to the necessary equipment required for these areas, and the implementation of electromechanical works for the fishing ports in Shalateen and Abu Ramad worth EGP 30m.

Arafat pointed out that the Ministry of Military Production’s expertise will also be utilised in the establishment of fire extinguishing networks at the ports in accordance with the conditions, specifications, and offers approved by the General Authority for Fish Resources Development, the Red Sea Governorate, and the Red Sea Ports Authority.

“The establishment of these two ports is part of the government plan to develop and serve these areas following the prime minister’s approval to allocate EGP 270m for the construction of the ports,” according to Arafat.

He added that this project reflects state interest in developing southern Egypt and investment in infrastructure, as well as encouraging small investors to inject money that contributes to providing jobs to local workers.

According to Mohammed Al-Assar, minister of military production, the ministry is seeking to utilise the surplus production capacities of military production companies with their technological capabilities and human expertise, all of which enable them to participate in the implementation of national projects and development projects in cooperation with various authorities and the private sector.

He added that the Ministry of Military Production will implement the construction works for the fishing facilities in Abu Ramad and Shalateen, as well as establish cooling and freezing refrigerators with a capacity of five tonnes for the two ports, in addition to supplying and installing power stations with different capacities, as well as cranes and some machinery necessary for operating the ports.

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