Vodafone Egypt marks record revenues in 2017, reaching over EGP 18bn 

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Vodafone Global Enterprise said that the company’s unit in Egypt, Vodafone Egypt, has achieved its highest revenues in its history at EGP 18.5bn in 2017.

Vodafone Egypt’s revenues rose to reach EGP 4.9bn in the last quarter of 2017, compared to EGP 4.8bn in the third quarter of the same year.

The company had achieved EGP 4.5bn in revenues in the second quarter of last year and EGP 4.2bn in the same year’s first quarter.

According to a report issued by Vodafone Global, revenues of its unit in Egypt reached about €235m in the last quarter of 2017, up by €3m from the third quarter of the same year.

According to the euro conversion coefficient of Vodafone Global, the exchange rate used is estimated at EGP 20.86 to €1.

The company was able to attract about 1.95 million new subscribers in the fourth quarter of last year, reaching a total client base of 44.08 million at the end of December.

Vodafone Egypt attracted 4.46 million new users in 2017—the highest increase for the company in years.

The company noted that the fourth quarter of last year saw the largest quarterly increase in number of customers compared to previous periods.

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