Al-Assar and Laufer discuss Romanian-Egyptian industrial cooperation 

Hossam Mounir
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Minister of Military Production Mohamed Al-Assar met with Romanian Minister of Business Environment, Commerce, and Entrepreneurship Harry Ilan Laufer on Sunday to discuss Romanian- Egyptian cooperation in industrial fields.

During the meeting, Al-Assar reviewed certain aspects of joint cooperation, such as cooperating to transfer Romanian technology for X-ray scanner production for security purposes. The cooperation is to be carried out through a protocol between the National Military Production Authority and the Romanian company Tudor Scan Tech (TST).

Moreover, both ministries of military production and investment recently visited a number of Romanian companies and its National Institute of Research-Development for Machines and Installations Designed to Agriculture and Food Industry in order to identify possible areas of cooperation and to see the technological potential of these companies.

Al-Assar stressed that there are many common cooperation mechanisms between both parties, headed by a partnership for joint manufacturing and transfer of Romanian manufacturing technologies to military production companies.

For his part, Laufer said he believed that the Egyptian government’s support for Romanian companies was crucial for pumping Romanian investments in Egypt and facilitating their work. The Romanian minister said he was looking forward to activating fruitful cooperation with the Ministry of Military Production in various fields.

The two sides agreed to exchange visits, so that the technical delegations from the Romanian companies visit the companies affiliated with the Ministry of Military Production to find out more about the manufacturing expertise and to send a group of specialists from the Egyptian side to visit the Romanian companies working in various fields of interest. Through the visit, the delegation of the Ministry of Military Production would learn about the latest technological capabilities in modern manufacturing and identify ways and mechanisms for possible joint cooperation between the parties.

Laufer is currently visiting Egypt to participate in the sixth session of the Egyptian Romanian Business Council, based on Romanian investors’ desire to identify the investment opportunities available and the economic reforms undertaken by the Egyptian government to improve the investment climate and the business environment.

The Egyptian-Romanian Business Council opened its doors on Monday. During the meeting, a delegation from the Ministry of Military Production held meetings with Romanian companies involved in the fields of construction, power generation, transmission, and distribution, in addition to power generators, nuclear industries, information technology, education, health, agriculture, cars, buses, and technology used to secure borders and establishments. Heavy industries were also on the agenda, with a discussion of possible opportunities for cooperation and investment in Egypt and Romania.

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