New education system is part of Egypt’s Vision 2030, will be applied in 2019: education minister

Reem Hosam El-din
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A new education system will be applied in Egypt to deliver a high-quality education within the framework of an institutional fair sustainable system, according to Minister of Education Tarek Shawky in a report issued on Monday.

The minister of education added that the new educational system is considered a major part of Egypt’s 2030 Vision, noting that the application of the national project for education is a critical process, and in 2019, the government plans to introduce a new educational system to students using the system of some schools as a successful model. “We will work on merging the system of such schools into the new system,” said Shawky.

The report was issued on the sidelines of a meeting recently held in the presence of both the Minister of Investment and International Cooperation, Sahar Nasr, and Shawky, where they discussed the situation of education in Egypt and supporting the education fields while coordinating between both ministries to showcase to investors the available investment opportunities in the sector.

Nasr said that her ministry pays great attention to investment in education. “Investing in education is the best kind of investment in people and brings the highest return,” Nasr added.

A few days prior, the minister of education showcased to the prime minister the details of the current situation in education and the future plans. He said that there is great cooperation between the ministry of education and the ministry of trade and industry regarding technical education, noting that there are efforts to rationalise all the resources of education coming from other countries and authorities in cooperation with the ministry of military production and the ministry of manpower and immigration.

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