Vesba competes with Uber, Careem in smart transportation

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Vesba, a new smart transportation app, has recently emerged and entered the competition of smart transportation of individuals. The app relies on providing a service that can navigate through the Cairo traffic and bring the time of trips down.

Vesba app relies on using Vespas instead of cars. The service costs less than Uber and Careem and passengers take less time to reach their destinations.

The fare of the app relies on the following:

  • Trip starts at EGP 3.
  • Price per km costs EGP 1.1.
  • Waiting time is EGP 0.25 per minute.

Vesba announced the conditions for accepting drivers as follows:

  • Driver must be between 21 and 35 years old.
  • Registration takes place with the driver’s own Vespas. Regular motorbikes are not acceptable, as they provide less safety to riders.
  • Drivers must be 70 kgs at most, since the maximum load per Vespa is 150 kgs.
  • Vespas must have a backrest and a foot support.
  • Vespas must be newer than 2007.
  • Drivers must abide by traffic laws and have two helmets, for the driver and rider.
  • Vespas must have USB outlets to charge mobile phones.

The app, however, comes with several disadvantages. Women are not eligible for ordering a Vespa through the app. The natural method of the passenger sitting behind the driver will force them to embrace the driver from the back—which does not commensurate with norms and public traditions. The company has announced its intentions to hire female drivers to facilitate using the app for women.

There are a few other disadvantages of riding a Vespa, such as:

  • The risk is high in riding a Vespa, as it makes passengers more vulnerable to injuries and accidents.
  • There is more exposure to climate conditions, such as heat or rain.
  • Driving Vespas at high speeds in traffic is reckless—something the company will be unable to monitor.
  • Vespas have a maximum load of 150 kgs, which limits the weight of possible clients.

Yet, the advantages include:

  • Quick navigation through congestion.
  • Low tariff compared to other apps, such as Careem and Uber.
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