Forensics report in Hisham Barakat assassination case denies defendants were tortured

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News of Prosecutor General Hisham Barakat’s assassination was received with grief and condemnation by different local political and social figures, parties, and organisations. (Photo Public Domain)

The report presented to the court in the Hisham Barakat assassination case denied allegations by the defendants that they were tortured by police during their detention.

The judge on the case, Hassan Farid, cited the report by saying that the defendants did not have any marks resembling those from beatings, assault, or torture.

The court also listened to the testimony of National Security officer Ahmed Ezz Al-Din who said that the defendants met members of the Muslim Brotherhood in Turkey and planned an attack in Egypt that targeted officials and state institutions.

Investigations revealed that defendants collaborated with Hamas and a number of Brotherhood leaders to prepare operations targeting several Egyptian government figures with the aim of creating a state of chaos and destroying state institutions.

Barakat was assassinated on 29 June 2015 in an attack that targeted his motorcade.

Defendants are facing several charges that include establishing an illegal group; executing hostile operations against judges, army, and police officers; as well as targeting diplomatic headquarters and aiming to destroy state institutions.

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