Labour strikes in Sinai, Menoufiya echo economic demands

Adham Youssef
1 Min Read

Workers in Sadat City Chemical Fiber in Menoufiya and the Sinai Stars Gypsum companies staged a strike starting Sunday, demanding better working conditions and higher salaries.

At the first company, about 300 workers started a strike, demanding an increase in salaries, compensations for work injuries, as well as insurance. They added that the company is very harsh concerning attendance and arrival time, but neglect the workers when any of them suffers an injury. The workers said they will escalate their strike if the demands are not met.

At the Sinai Stars Gypsum factory, which was established two years ago, the workers echoed similar concerns, related to the lack of medical care despite the dangerous nature of their work. They said that one of their colleagues suffered an accident at work in which his fingers were cut off, and the company would not promise to compensate him until he filed a lawsuit against them.

The workers said that the owner of Sinai Stars Gypsum factory has threatened to “fabricate charges against them”, claiming they are terrorists.  

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