Former ONTV host Liliane Daoud reveals details about her forced deportation

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Deported TV host Liliane Daoud revealed Tuesday the details of her arrest and deportation from Egypt, vowing to seek all legitimate means to return and be reunited with her daughter who she was forced to leave behind.

Daoud, a Lebanese TV host who was working in Egypt for at least five years, was unexpectedly taken from her house by security officers who claimed to be from the passport control authority. The incident took place shortly after she announced that her contract with ONTV channel would not be renewed.

ONTV was recently purchased by media business tycoon Ahmed Abu Hashima.

“[On Monday] evening, eight police officers from the passport control authority arrived at my home. I was then taken from my home and taken to the airport against my will,” Daoud posted to her Twitter account Wednesday, after arriving in Lebanon.

Daoud added that her British passport and telephone were confiscated, confirming earlier claims by her lawyer Ziad Elelaimy who said she was denied the ability to make a phone call and that he was informed of the events through her young daughter.

“I have an 11-year-old daughter, a British-Egyptian national, to whom I am the primary custodian. I commit to fighting all legal and diplomatic avenues available to be able to return to Cairo as soon as possible, to be reunited with my daughter,” Daoud added.

She further asserted that she was proud of the work she had done with ONTV, despite some believing that such work was the reason behind her expulsion, due to having a critical tone towards state authorities.


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