The Egyptian Brotherhood: a house divided?

Taha Sakr
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Muslim Brotherhood (AFP File Photo)


Head of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Youth Front and member of the Guidance Office Mohamed Kamal declared his full resignation on Tuesday, a move which is regarded as an indicator of a recently noticed internal divide.

According to an audio clip published on the Brotherhood’s official website, Kamal resigned to allow a chance for new leadership to take over the group’s administration. He called on the group’s current leaders to arrange a comprehensive election in order to restructure the Brotherhood’s administration.

The divide in the Brotherhood had widened previously when the Youth Front’s high administrative committee launched a vote for a new draft of regulations via online platforms in February. The Youth Front called on members and supporters to vote and also put forward suggestions for the final draft of the regulations.

In response, the Brotherhood’s offices in Upper Egypt refused the suggested regulations, stating that the Brotherhood is obliged to follow all decisions issued by the organisation’s Shura Council. In March, the council formed a specialised committee to modify and develop the Brotherhood’s general regulation.

According to the statement, the Upper Egypt offices are adhering to the current Shura Council’s decisions issued in March. This Upper Egypt faction pledges their loyalty to the legal leadership of the Brotherhood, represented by the Supreme Guide Mohamed Badie.

“Anything declared by Brotherhood groups or members outside our legal institutions is not important and should be disregarded,” the statement read.

Earlier in February, the Brotherhood in Jordan decided to split from the main group in Egypt, reported by Brotherhood-affiliated newspaper Al-Sabeel and other local media in Jordan.

This decision was taken in the context of recent amendments by the Shura Council of the Jordanian Brotherhood.

Article 1 of their internal law stated: “the group is a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood group founded by Hassan Al-Banna in Egypt.” According to reports, this line was removed in the recent amendment.

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