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Once upon a time, Egypt had one of the world’s most established fashion and jewellery industries. With local tycoons such as Sednaoui and Shekorel as well as various local factories, the country had a local supply of garments, accessories, and jewellery. With that said, its leading position did not last for long due to various economic and political events over the past decades.

Hudson Egypt is a local company that aims to create solid platforms for local experts from different industries. After a successful event that tapped into the world of women’s empowerment and business start-ups, the company currently has its eyes set on the fashion industry.

Abdelaziz Salah El-Din. (Photo from Facebook)
Abdelaziz Salah El-Din.
(Photo from Facebook)

“We want to aid the local fashion and jewellery industries. We want to help them acquire a better status. We also want to reach out to all the key players and experts, including designers, editors, buyers, fashionistas, photographers, etc.,” said CEO and Managing Director Abdelaziz Salah El-Din.

According to Salah El-Din, their main task is to merely connect the dots. Fashion Boulevard Cairo is set to become a seasonal platform where the industry’s key experts meet and discuss potential collaborations. Meanwhile, it also aims to give a stronger voice to those who wish to become the future of the local fashion industry.

“We want to provide young designers with solid opportunities by connecting them with potential clients or buyers. We also aim to give them a better chance of exposure by inviting established designers from other countries,” said Salah El-Din.

The organisers also hope that such an event could encourage tourism and send a clear message regarding the country’s ability to embrace new businesses and help them flourish.

Fashion Boulevard’s goals and agenda are larger than any previous local event. Accordingly, the team has been working day and night for several months in order to bring their vision into reality.

“We started preparing in November 2015. The regular event’s cycle is 12 to 18 months; therefore, we are a bit late. Nonetheless, all fundamental steps have been accomplished and we are currently working on phase two,” said Salah El-Din.

According to the team, all key partners and details of the event have been finalised. One of the most important aspects is the media partners, which includes Business News Egypt, Fustany, Enigma, and Magnificent. Furthermore, Hudson is currently trying to reach out to regional and international media, such as in the UAE as well as Sayidaty and Heya.

Additionally, the event is also supported by two major icons of the local industry. “We have a partnership with Marie Louis and we are currently working on finalising a partner deal with Azza Fahmy,” said Salah El-Din.

Marie Louis Bishara  (Photo from Facebook)
Marie Louis Bishara
(Photo from Facebook)

As for the event’s venue, it is also set to maintain the same criteria. The Four Seasons Hotel and First Mall are expected to host the first two days of the event. According to Hudson’s CEO, the choice of this venue is key.

“First of all, it is located in the heart of Cairo. It should be convenient to the majority of our attendees. Second, the mall has a great structure as it gives you the chance to create unconventional choreography and a runway setup,” said Salah El-Din.

Meanwhile, the third day of the event is designed to raise the bar of the local industry. The additional day is not an integral part of the event because it will not host the event’s audience and spectators, only the partners will be invited.

“We are planning to organise a photo shoot in old Cairo neighbourhoods as well as at the pyramids. It is a chance to take our international guests as well as local experts to historic sites. Meanwhile, common people in the areas will be able to closely witness the dynamics of the industry,” said Salah El-Din.

The photo shoot will be covered by international media outlets, which will give the event extra importance. The outcome will be broadcast within the government’s “This is Egypt” campaign.

“One of our main partners is an association for the promotion of tourism; therefore, we are set to take part in their international campaign. Our videos will be sent to various Egyptian embassies around the world. It is a message that Egypt is about to once again return to the helm of this industry,” said Salah El-Din.

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