UPDATE—At least 136 detained in relation to the protests: FDEP

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At least 136 people were arrested in the aftermath of the Monday anti-governments protests against the maritime demarcation agreement that transferred the sovereignty of Tiran and Sanafir islands to Saudi Arabia, according to the Front of Defense for Egyptian Protesters (FDEP).

Several demonstrations broke out on Monday in Cairo, Giza, Alexandria, Ismailiya, Daqahliya, Sharqeya, Damietta, Menufiya, and Sohag, which were met with a strict security clampdown.

The lawyers group (FDEP) said at least 149 persons were arrested in relation to the protests in the nine governorates since Monday morning, and as of 6:30 pm, 13 of the detained people were released.

The ‘Egypt is not for Sale’ campaign, one of the factions that called for the protests, issued a statement on Monday condemning the Egyptian media for “ignoring” the protests and “covering up” for the arrests of protesters.

The Egyptian Social Democratic Party (ESDP) condemned the security crackdown, calling for the release of the protesters.

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