Azza Fahmy unveils its first collection of cocktail rings

Nayera Yasser
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Inspired by poison rings popular in Europe since the 16th century. This 18kt gold & silver ring opens to reveal the word ‘Joy’. (Photo Handout)

Human beings are creative creatures by nature and yet, only a few individuals manage to change the world with their flickers of artistic ingenuity. Amina Ghaly is the daughter of Egypt’s master of ethnic jewellery, Azza Fahmy. Since her rise to take the helm of the brand’s creative team, Ghaly has managed to stop the fashion world in their tracks quite a few times.

A Story of Happiness (Photo Handout)
A Story of Happiness
(Photo Handout)

Last week, Ghaly achieved yet another diamond-studded milestone by launching the brand’s first rings-only collection. This season, her creativity was poured solely into cocktail rings as she compiled nine different themes and cultures in one intricate collection.

According to the team, the designer has always wanted to create a collection solely focused on cocktail rings and her latest precious findings in India helped her realise this dream.

The collection incorporates rare stones and elaborate details into the creation of these spectacular rings. The Victorian ring represents a rich era that has always been dear to the brand. This particular design comes in different shades of hard to find 50ct amethyst.

Another statement piece, comprised of precious and semi-precious stones, is the lotus ring embraces dazzling stones mixed with pearls, diamonds and most importantly conceptual motifs. The garden ring preserves the brand’s tendency to use both silver and gold in one piece. The design captures the beauty of wilderness through a miniature butterfly and flower.

Building on the brand’s previous collection of lockets which were inspired by the late Umm Kalthoum, Ghaly made sure to include the locket ring in this limited-edition assortment. Aside from the mesmerising amethyst and lapis stones, the ring opens to reveal the word “joy” inside.

The designer is known for her appreciation for art deco silhouettes; therefore, the collection includes a geometric ring emblazoned with the word “happiness”. This design comes in different stone variations including rubies, pearls, emeralds, and diamonds.

Ghaly concluded her collection with a scarab, the true signature of Azza Fahmy designs. The ring is a meeting point between the brand’s well-established heritage and the designer’s aesthetic.

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