Political parties wary of public ire over police abuses

Taha Sakr
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Following a string of reported cases of police abuse, political parties, and movements commented on the recent incident that took place in Bab Al-Khalq, Cairo when a plainclothes policeman killed a truck driver following an argument.

Free Egyptians Party (FEP) spokesperson Shehab Wagih told Daily News Egypt his party previously warned against the continuous violations committed by the police apparatus against citizens during doctors’ protests.

“The Free Egyptians Party is awaiting new legislations to confront police violations; these legislations are expected to be discussed in parliament soon,” Wagih said.

The party is pushing for the rigorous implementation of existing legislations, as well as the issuance of new regulations from the Ministry of Interior to restrict the authorities granted to policemen.

Further, the Egyptian Social Democratic Party (ESDP) issued a statement Saturday in which it said there is no need to issue new legislations to confront recent violations, noting that a strict commitment to current laws is sufficient to counter violations.

The ESDP confirmed that reforming police apparatus is a necessity, noting that the party will issue a comprehensive plan for the rehabilitation of the police apparatus. The statement indicated that recent reported cases of police abuses are not “individual cases”, as declared repeatedly by the ministry.

“The situation is exceeding systematic violations to human rights, using torture in police stations, prisons, and kidnapping of opposition figures,” the statement read. The police apparatus is currently committing daily violations against citizens in their work places and public transportations means, the statement said.

It warned that these recent daily crimes committed by the police apparatus will lead to pandemonium, and citizens will be forced to seek revenge outside the confines of the law.

The 6 April Youth Movement moreover issued a satirical statement on its official Facebook page, declaring that the police apparatus is forming its own state that will lead to the collapse of the current regime.

Meanwhile, Al-Dostor Party called for the swift resignation of the Minister of Interior. In a statement issued on its official Facebook page, it said the violations committed by the police apparatus against citizens will engender hostility towards the current political regime.

“We should demand the resignation of the Minister of Interior and a rehabilitation process for the apparatus,” the statement read.

The Ministry of Interior has come out with repeated denials of the accusations of systematic and widespread abuse of power.

President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi responded Friday to the death of the driver Thursday, stating that police violations must be confronted through legal proceedings. The power given to police officers should enable them to protect the lives, properties, and interests of civilians, he said.

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