Shell Lubricants Egypt to sponsor Automech Formula auto show

Mohamed Aboul-Fotouh
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Shell will not proceed with deep water research, exploration in Egypt. (AFP Photo)

Shell Lubricants Egypt signed a contract to sponsor the 2016 Automech Formula auto show under the banner of the company’s Helix Ultra Synthetic motor oil.

The Automech Formula Auto Show will take place at the Cairo International Conferences Centre from 16 to 21 March 2016.

Managing director of Shell Lubricant’s Egypt Saher Hashem said the auto show achieved great success and a wide presence in the past few years, becoming the most important local and regional platform for the largest producers and manufacturers of motor vehicles in Egypt and the Middle East. Shell Lubricants Egypt therefore seeks to be the main sponsor of auto show to show its commitment to cooperate with major automotive companies at the national and international level.

Shell Lubricants Egypt decided to shift its marketing strategy, choosing to focus on audiences at automotive conferences and auto shows rather than at gas stations, Hashem told Daily News Egypt. Shell Lubricants will also rely on direct sale centres in marketing operations and will launch a door-to-door sales system.

Auto show organiser Ahmed Ghozzi said the 2016 iteration of the event will host the largest gathering of cars exhibitors and producers in the Egyptian market. Twenty-two car manufactures will be present at the auto show with the notable exception of Mercedes Benz.

The Automech Formula auto show is one of the most important specialised auto shows in Egypt, the Arab region, and North Africa. It is accredited by the International Organisation of Motor Vehicles Manufacturers (OICA) and The Global Association of Exhibition industry (UFI).

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