Security forces seize explosives in Suez

Salma Abdallah
1 Min Read

Egypt’s security forces prevented an attempt to smuggle large quantities of explosive material through the Martyr Ahmed Hamdi tunnel in Suez on Wednesday, according to a statement issued by a military spokesperson.

Security forces intercepted a car that was carrying 40 bags and eight cylindrical packs of explosive material, making a combined weight of 32 kg.

The forces also confiscated a total of EGP 42,822 hidden inside the car, which was heading for the tunnel, which runs under the Suez Canal in the city of Suez.

The border guards also seized a car without license plates carrying 1.12m Tramadol pills and another 1.28m Tamol pills.

The statement mentioned that the seizure of the drugs and explosive materials comes as part of the armed forces’ ongoing efforts to tighten security control and prevent smuggling into the country.

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