Former presidential candidate’s driver ‘kidnapped and tortured’

Sarah El-Sheikh
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former presidential candidate Abdel Moneim Aboul Fotouh (AFP Photo)


Former presidential candidate Abdel Moneim Abul Fotouh requested the Egyptian authorities on Tuesday to investigate the kidnap and torture of his driver Mostafa Abdel Ghany.

Daily News Egypt spoke to Abul Fotouh’s niece, Sanaa Abul Fotouh, who confirmed the incident and condemned the situation, blaming the Homeland Security apparatus.

Abdel Ghany was allegedly kidnapped on Sunday and then released on Monday evening, after being subjected to brutal torture for 36 hours.

Following the disappearance of Abdel Ghany, Abul Fotouh held the security authorities responsible for his driver’s safety.

Sanaa said Abdel Ghany went missing on Sunday while he was on his way to Abul Fotouh’s office, which is located on Road 90 in the Fifth Settlement district.

She continued that Abul Fotouh realised that Abdel Ghany had gone missing after he called him several times, but he didn’t respond.

Sanaa assumed that Homeland Security had arrested Abdel Ghany since he is Abul Fotouh’s personal driver and always with him, meaning he would be able to provide information about the former presidential candidate.

Sana said Abdel Ghany was unable to speak after being released due to sustaining serious injures to his teeth.

Sanaa condemned the incident, saying Abdel Ghany is just a driver who definitely does not know anything about her uncle’s work, and should not have been arrested or tortured.

Abul Fotouh was a leader in the outlawed Muslim brotherhood group, but he left the group in 2012 and ran in the presidential elections against ousted president Mohamed Morsi.

Abul Fotouh’s party, the Strong Egypt Party, boycotted of the parliamentary elections of 2015. The politician has declared his opposition to the current regime on several occasions.

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