Ministry of Communications offers to restructure Transportation Ministry’s information system

Mohamed Alaa El-Din
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Egyptians ride a public transport bus in Cairo’s populous Attaba district on 9 June 2008. (AFP PHOTO/ CRIS BOURONCLE)

The Ministry of Communications raised a bid to implement the information infrastructure development project for the Ministry of Transportation.

It also offered to establish its geographic information system to serve the transportation planning goals at a national level.

According to the bid specifications issued by the Ministry of Communications, it aims to provide an electronic edition of the Ministry of Transportation’s data and projects.

The planned information system aims to provide information about the administrative borders of Egyptian governorates, geographical landmarks of the country, current transportation networks, and future listed projects in the comprehensive transportation scheme.

These include projects to build and develop railways, navigational routes, sea ports, and crossing points, and the internal transportation networks in Cairo and Alexandria.

The conditions of the contract also required that there be indicators of the performance of various transport systems in terms of the average cost of the ride in all means of transportations, the average tariff of goods transport, the ratio of wages to total revenues, and the ratio of operation revenues to costs.

Prosylab Holding Company Chairman Mahmoud Morsi said his company specialises in providing technological solutions and plans to take part in the tender.

Local banks are ready to finance the implementation of these projects, especially since they are large and will cost tens of millions of Egyptian pounds.

Moqbel Fayyad, Executive Director of the Integrated Systems coalition, aims to compete on the implementation of the projects through the coalition.

Implementing these projects will create economic mobility among local IT companies and his company plans to acquire the conditions of contract in order to familiarise it with the details of the project.

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