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DnD represents the sisters love for fashion and freedom (Photo handout)

In one grand factory, works a team of outstanding ladies that share genuine love for fashion and life. To these sisters, garments could be a celebration of life and freedom. Each piece they come in contact with automatically becomes a part of their aura. Thus, out of this factory and their unique take on fashion was born the DnD brand.

“This fashionable adventure started a year ago. We have always had our sights on being a part of the growing fashion industry since we knew there was a niche for our designs and fabrics,” said Rasha El-Nadi, one of the sisters.

Rasha is the eldest sister and the team’s source of inspiration and fashion creativity, as she has been in the field for over 20 years. Today, she is in charge of studying the current trends and marketing the brand.

Several bloggers have already embraced the much welcomed brand  (Photo Handout)
Several bloggers have already embraced the much welcomed brand
(Photo Handout)

Meanwhile, Dina El-Nadi is the sister in charge of designing the garments. “We are a team of sisters and we complete each other,” said Rasha.

According to the sisters, their brand caters to the average everyday fashionista who aims to look her best all day long. DnD is one of the country’s few ready-to-wear brands that are currently stocked in several stores across the capital.

“We never really consciously decided overnight, it was the natural thing to do as our factory has been producing garments for years. Nonetheless, DnD was created with a different concept related to trendsetting designs and edgy fashionable pieces,” said Rasha.

The El-Nadi sisters let their brand genuinely speak for their stories and characters. DnD is their eccentric, yet elaborate, autobiography that many young women can easily relate to. “What makes our brand special is that it is a family affair. We design for ourselves and everybody around us can instantly feel the love we have for each other,” said Rasha.

According to the sisters’ vision, the brand is all about sassiness, classiness and edginess combined together in the most fashionable forms.  As for the catchy name, DnD, it stands for the founders’ passion for “fashion and love”.

“Our work is for the everyday woman, especially the kimono, which is the brand’s most famous design. Everybody loves a piece of clothing that can be worn from day to night, and from a day out with friends to a dip in the pool. A lot of conservative customers and trendsetters also accessorise our pieces and make them absolutely stunning. We are really catering to all women,” said Rasha.


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