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OSN announced the launch of its new service “Go by OSN” earlier this summer. For the first time in the region, the service gives film and TV series lovers access to a variety of media productions for a monthly subscription of $10 (EGP 72).

In just a few steps and without the need of contracts, users can browse media from up to five devices, including tablets and smart phones. They can also stream from multiple devices at the same time.

We tried the service on a Macbook, a windows phone and an IPad. All featured media is in high definition and the streaming was smooth on all devices. A plug-in required for streaming, Microsoft Silverlight, can be downloaded and easily installed in a few minutes.

Go features a wide variety of recent Egyptian, Turkish and Khaleegi TV productions. The selection includes shows that were premiered only a few months ago, including the Egyptian TV series, “Segn Al-Nesa” (“The Women’s Prison”), and the sequel of the Turkish series “Al-Qabadai” (“The Vigilante”), with Arabic dubbing.

Go also offers a selection of popular American series, such as “Breaking Bad”, “Scandal” and “Grey’s Anatomy”.

Recently produced films, such as “The Hunger Games” produced in 2012, are available on Go’s website. The service, however, gives a special attention to older popular movies. All parts of “Scream”, “Tomb Raider” and “Friday the 13th“can be viewed on the website. Go’s most popular selected films include collections of trilogies including “Spiderman” and “The Godfather”, and movies by Adam Sandler and Tom Cruise.

For Egyptian films, we found nothing special about the recent productions, but our favourite selection was that of the veteran filmmaker Youssef Chahine. Go offers Chahine lovers a non-stop stream of high definition films, including Bab Al-Hadid, Seraa’ fel Wadi and Sayedat Al-Qetar.

The featured media also include over 80 choices of programmes for children. However, the programmes available are all in English, despite targeting audiences of the Middle East region.

“Go” offers users a “parental control” option to keep track of what media can be accessed. Based on a rating system, some videos will require a PIN code to be played.

Users can browse the available media and try the service for free at go.osn.com


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