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Egyptian-French Business, political, military relations thriving

Total net French investment reaches about $4.9bn with more than 160 French…

Hagar Omran Hagar Omran

Women break political taboos 

Huda Sha'arawi struggled for 99 years, calling for Egyptian women's electoral, political…

Nehal Samir Nehal Samir

Political scene is experiencing a recession: Abaza

The general situation lacks a compass

Ahmed Al-Fayed Ahmed Al-Fayed

Court sentences professor to 2 years in prison

Zahran was accused of propagating false claims against the deans of various…

Daily News Egypt Daily News Egypt

Campaign launched in support of Qanater prison hunger strike

Prison administration ignores demands and health condition of prisoners, says the campaign

Daily News Egypt Daily News Egypt

The rise of political bots on social media

Automated social media accounts - bots - have become part of our…

Deutsche Welle Deutsche Welle

Protest campaign vows to continue pursuing end to Red Sea islands sovereignty deal

Al-Sisi and the Interior Ministry are responsible for the safety of the…

Daily News Egypt Daily News Egypt

Women’s economic, social empowerment remains low in 2016: ECWR

The report aims to shed light on different indicators of women’s rights…

Daily News Egypt Daily News Egypt

ESDP blames security apparatus for conditions ‘worse than before revolution’

Egyptians will not allow disturbance to the general sentiment, which rejects protests,…

Daily News Egypt Daily News Egypt

Parliamentary, political, and media figures sign petition of support for Student Union Federation

Petition contends contradiction as Supervisory Committee that oversaw legitimacy of elections has…

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