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Tobruk parliament rejects suggested new government in Libya

Senior officials said the US and its allies are increasing reconnaissance flights…

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New UN envoy to Libya meets Shoukry to discuss political developments

Kobler was appointed on 17 November, replacing Bernardino Leon

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Libya’s internationally recognised government rejects UN-backed peace deal

Leaders in Libya's internationally-recognised parliament in Tobruk have rejected a deal for…

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Egypt voices concerns on effects of delay in Libyan political agreement

Affiliated militias pose risk of derailing a political settlement

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‘The door remains open’ for Libyan negotiations: UN envoy Leon

Libyan peace agreement was not signed by GNC to date, still hailed…

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UN envoy Leon in Cairo for Libya consultations

US strikes at infamous Algerian Al-Qaeda leader

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Local Libyan Islamists face ‘Islamic State’

'Majlis Al-Shura' declared Holy War on the militants earlier

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Tobruk government rejects UN draft proposal

With the government also barring its delegates from continuing talks, negotiations might…

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Egyptian-Libyan treaty on border crossing procedures implemented

Egyptian, Libyan officials held talks in Matruh last month, and agreed to…

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Shoukry meets with Italian, Algerian counterparts on Libyan crisis

The meetings came ahead of a tripartite meeting between the three states…

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