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Egypt’s General Intelligence Chief meets Libya’s Haftar, Aguila Saleh in Benghazi

Abbas Kamel stressed Egyptian support  to 5+5 joint military commission talks’ outcomes,…

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Parents of two Benghazi terror attack victims sue Hillary Clinton

The families of two Americans killed in a 2012 terror attack on…

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Egypt voices concerns on effects of delay in Libyan political agreement

Affiliated militias pose risk of derailing a political settlement

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New legal foundation looks to unite Libya’s tribes around justice, against IS

Islamism needs to be rooted out of Libya, says businessman launching “Justice…

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2 Egyptians killed in Libya

Over 35,000 Egyptians have been evacuated from Libya since mid-February

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Egyptian expats to return from Libya on first flight from Algeria

Group crossed Dabdab border gate with Libya, opened under exceptional circumstances

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Egypt fights IS: What are the options?

Decision lies between joining US-led coalition and possible Italy-led European regional coalition

Amira El-Fekki Amira El-Fekki

Egyptians in Libya prefer to stay

Despite escalating turmoil, Egyptians in Libya said they are unwilling to return…

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Egyptian doctor’s daughter found dead in Libya

Unidentified gunmen had killed parents of the girl two days earlier

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Egypt closes Salloum border amid Libya security woes

Border guards detain 151 illegal migrants attempting to enter Libya

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