‘Organ harvesting ring’ broken up in 6th of October City: Qaliubiya Security Directorate

Daily News Egypt
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By Kenneth Changpertitum

As many as 13 are thought to have become victims of an organised organ theft ring  in 6th of October City, the Directorate of Security in the Qaliubiya Governorate said in a Tuesday statement.

The victims may have been sedated and operated on without consent after being lured into a building complex under the pretext of an apartment deal in the city, the statement said having been targeted by an organ harvesting ring trafficking body parts from unemployed men and beggars.

The investigation began when police near the Delta city of Banha found an unidentified man unconscious by the side of a road with EGP 12,000.  After transporting the man to a local hospital, further inspection found evidence of surgery in his left abdomen.

The victim told police he was approached by a man known only as “Hisham”, who told him of an apartment for sale and a job opportunity.

Under the appearance that they needed to conduct a medical examination as an assurance of his health for potential employment, “Hisham” and a friend brought the victim to a doctor who drugged him and then proceeded to remove his kidney.

Two of the accused men who initially approached the victim have been apprehended while the doctor who allegedly performed the operations is still at large.  Police are conducting a man hunt.


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