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Connections between Muslim Brotherhood and Islamic State: Ministry of Religious Endowments - Daily News Egypt

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Connections between Muslim Brotherhood and Islamic State: Ministry of Religious Endowments

Both groups use “vandalism, destruction and murder”, according to a new statement

The Muslim Brotherhood and the newly-declared Islamic State (Isis) “no doubt” share a number of similarities, said the Ministry of Religious Endowments.

In a Friday statement, the Ministry criticised the Muslim Brotherhood—of which deposed president Mohamed Morsi is a member—by comparing it with Isis, the group that has slaughtered civilians and destroyed cities as it attempts to secure territory in Syria and Iraq and expand its borders.

“No doubt there are connections between Isis and the Muslim Brotherhood,” read the statement. “They are both waging a war against their homelands with vandalism, destruction and murder—murder on behalf of the enemies of the state who fund them.”

The statement also said that both Isis and the Muslim Brotherhood exploit women to further their own cause, namely through forced marriage.

The third link between the two groups, read the statement, is that both use “lying and deception in the name of religion”.

“Their religious leaders are ignorant and unqualified, and they use religion to play with the minds of the public.”

“The main commonality between the two groups is their terrorist acts,” said a spokesman from the Ministry of Religious Endowments.

In June Isis overtook Mosul, one of Iraq’s largest cities, forcing Christians in the city to flee, pay a religious tax or be executed. They have claimed large swaths of land in both Iraq and Syria, and command a considerable armed force. The United States Congress said Isis has “ambitions and capabilities greater than Al-Qaida”.

On 25 December, Egypt declared the banned Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organisation. Nearly all of its institutions, organisations and charities were dissolved by the courts. The Muslim Brotherhood has often been blamed by the Ministry of Interior for terrorist attacks claimed by other groups.

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  • Alan Cockayne

    When Morsi told al Sisi his forces will deal with any insurrection in Sinai, the former General wisely took control of the situation and ousted the warmonger. It was obvious the MB were part of the overall plot for the Middle East to be ruled by a Caliphate. Iraq was too slow in reacting. Al Sisi’s initiative, to his credit was inspiring.

    • omega pal

      You are pathetic

      • Hate MB

        Your the pathetic ond. You stupid retard Fuck!! You can not handle the truth!! I Hope They finde you fucking traitors!!

        • omega pal

          by your writing you have shown your intellectual baseness and vulgarity so that you do not deserve me to answer you.
          Go to learn to understand this sentence I am going to write for you:” Those who trade their freedom for security won’t deserve one”
          If you did not understand let me know.

          • Hate MB

            Those of you who believe and love MB so much. You should move to Qatar! There you can live with the rats. Let us who want stability and security, not to see and hear you!

          • omega pal

            You just confirm effectively what i said about you.Surely your are a bounded person and intellectual baseness.

  • Ahmed A.El-Sherif

    The Brotherhood was a CURSE on Egypt. One has only to look at the Brotherhood’s 80-year-old blood-stained history and Morsi’s DISASTROUS PERFORMANCE ,both economically and politically, to sigh with relief that they were ousted from power in Egypt.
    Mourning the removal of the Brotherhood from power in the name of democracy could not be farther from sound judgment. The Brotherhood is a fascist hierarchical paramilitary organization based on ABSOLUTE OBEDIENCE to the Supreme Guide .For the Brotherhood , democracy is only a ladder to power .Once they have reached power , the ladder is removed.
    One only needs to look at what Brotherhood dissidents , like Tharwat Al Kharabawi, and Dr.Kamal Al Hilbawi , say about the Brotherhood to ascertain its reality.
    Finally, the Brotherhood has got nothing to do with religion. It only manipulates religion for political purposes.

  • Avi Dormann

    I have a feeling that ISIS fighters from Libya will over-run Egypt very soon.

    • Hate MB

      Hahahaha…. Sure!!
      Man I get tired of all the shit idiots like you writes!!

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