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Gaza ceasefire talks underway in Doha, Egypt absent

Egypt’s foreign minister continues contacts with regional and international counterparts to reach solution to Gaza conflict

Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry. (AFP Photo)
Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry.
(AFP Photo)

Egypt’s ceasefire proposal continues to be the basis of talks aiming to end the violence in Gaza, however Egyptian officials are absent from high-level discussions on the issue held in Doha, Qatar on Sunday, said an anonymous foreign ministry source.

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon is set to meet with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in the Gulf state. Ban arrived on Sunday and is set to travel to “Kuwait City, Cairo, Jerusalem, Ramallah and Amman in his effort to encourage a durable cease-fire”, according to a statement issued by the UN chief’s office.  Other stops may be added to his trip.

Abbas is also set to meet head of Hamas’ political bureau Khaled Meshaal in Qatar. Despite some media reports a foreign ministry official denied that Meshaal was invited to Cairo for talks on the situation.

Foreign ministry spokesman Badr Abdelatty confirmed Ban would arrive in Egypt on Monday to meet with officials including Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry, following which the pair are expected to hold a press conference.

Shoukry continued to contact his counterparts in the Arab region, including the foreign ministers of Oman and Bahrain, as well as international counterparts such as German Foreign Minister Frank Walter-Steinmeier and United States Secretary of State John Kerry.

Their conversations focused on the latest developments inside Gaza and “ways to stop the bleeding Palestinian blood and to prevent further escalation and an immediate cease-fire in the framework of the Egyptian initiative”, said the foreign ministry spokesman.

Egypt’s internationally backed ceasefire agreement, proposed on Monday last week, was accepted by Israel but Hamas rejected the proposal, claiming it was never officially approached by Egypt. Less than three days after the initiative was proposed the Israelis announced the start of a ground offensive in the densely populated Gaza Strip.

A Palestinian official confirmed to Daily News Egypt last week that Hamas was contacted indirectly through another Gaza based group, Islamic Jihad.

Egypt’s relationship with Hamas deteriorated following the ouster of Mohamed Morsi as Egypt’s president. Morsi is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, which has fraternal ties with the Gaza-based resistance movement. In March Hamas was declared an illegal organisation inside Egypt and its offices and assets were seized as per court ruling.

Relations between Egypt and Qatar also deteriorated following Morsi’s ouster. Qatar was opposed to his removal and the state-sponsored satellite channel Al Jazeera was accused by Egypt’s authorities of spreading false news about Egypt’s political situation.

Morsi’s government managed to sponsor a ceasefire between Egypt and Israel in 2012, with the help of then US secretary of state Hillary Clinton.

Shoukry said on Friday that the proposed initiative still offers the full chance to “end fighting, stop Palestinian bloodshed, lift the siege on the Gaza Strip by opening the borders” and the create the framework to hold negotiations on the concerns of both parties.

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  • Bittertruth

    Egypt has lost it’s historical leverage and influence in the region. The cease fire negotiations being held in Qatar is sure to hold unlike Egypt’s. The balance seems to be tipping towards Turkey and Qatar.

    • Reda Sobky

      Lost is too strong. Let somebody else do the heavy lifting for a change. Egypt has had to do it many times before and none of the serious issues have been resolved. Maybe the Turks and the Qataris can make a difference. The desperation of the Turks and Qataris having lost their hegemony over Egypt (through the deposed) makes them think that their mediation weakens Egypt, that is silly. Anybody who does a good deed and succeeds at it should not be diminished by others who would have aspired to do it themselves. Let the outcome be the judge because ultimately that is what it is about, not the vanity of this nation or that nation. Egypt is too mature as a nation to see it as a displacement since as President Sisi indicated, Egypt is a party in tihs dynamic with national interests of its own and not a mediator, per se.

      • omega pal

        Egypt is party to the Siege of Gaza… as such its proposal isn’t valid… we need a balanced proposal that would free the Palestinians in Gaza and allow them aces to their coastal and airspace so they don’t have to rely on the whims of Israel or Egypt

    • Truth..

      Firstly, Turkey and Qatar huge lover of MB. and everyone knows that the MB and Hamas are best friends! In my mind, it is crystal clear. Turkey has the disgusting erdogan spoken in a derogatory way towards Sisi and undermined the Egyptian people’s will. And Qatar needs no introduction! Obviously, trying to shut out Egypt of this, to try to get Egypt to emerge as unwilling to mediate peace! All three are DIRTY hamas, turkey and qatar ..

    • Historian

      Wrong. Bittertruth
      . Egypt has risen to become a light of freedom for the Egyptian people and the rest of the FREE WORLD who denounce crazy MB HAMAS and similar terrorists, There will be no virgins in their hell..

  • Reda Sobky

    The ridiculous bedfellows, Turkey and Qatar are just dying to displace Egypt as the chief interlocutor in these matters, well more power to them because human life, limb and treasure wasted in this conflict with no end in site, is a veritable tragedy. If they can deliver, maybe something new and different will come about because the homicidal/suicidal dynamic in operation is the pits and almost anything would be an improvement but it seems like Hamas will have to go somewhere else or merge but jihadis in Gaza, long term, is not viable for Israel or Egypt, too much appetite for violence to peacefully coexist.

  • Ummah

    Egypt is a disgrace to the Muslim World. A pro zionist dictatorship. May Allah SWT curse and punish you for killing muslims and blockading your own brothers in Islam.

    • Truth..

      Do you prefer to care for the children of others before your own? If so, I hope that hamas knocks on your door! For it is the reality of what would happen. Sisi takes care of his own people first before he can think of others. Check in lebanon their refugee camp for Palestinians can not even their own military go into because of all the weapons they have .. If you want it that way or live that. Then you should move to Gaza and be a human shield! Idiot!!

      • ummah1

        You are the idiots who will burn in hell. We will gladly sacrifice our lives for the Ummah If you selfish retards moved out of the way. Live for the world but may Allah SWT either give you hidaya or destroy you.

        • Truth..

          Good! Do it. Blast yourself to hell and bring your friends with the same attitude! Do you really believe that you will go to heaven? Haha .. You will burn sooo Hard in hell!!!..

        • Reda Sobky

          The content of this collective (fugue) psychosis is exampled above. ” I want to die for the “ummah” so get out of the way so I can do it.”.. It would be interesting to undertake a deconstructive analysis of this internally consistent theme of death as something that serves the cause. It has elements of a blood lust, one’s own and others which is demonstrated by the need to kill somebody every few days women for some kind of sexual behavior or men for stealing or sexual crimes. My best interpretation is that they identify many of the suicidal persons present in society, usually about 1% of the population, and then turn their potential suicidal act against themselves into a way to serve one’s religion and thus, having failed at keeping oneself alive, one’s failed life could become a source of merit, glory and even eternal happiness. So in essence the message is “if you turn your death, which you have already decided on, into a religious service” your failure can be turned into 100% success because your religion will prevail and you will be rewarded instead of punished for eternity. Deluded, but powerful, in that vulnerable moment. The narrative becomes, “I the disempowered victim can become the most powerful in this moment and hold the power of life and death over my enemies” and get the reward upstairs in eternal bliss. The Samson syndrome is presented in a positive light in the holy books, so,” I, can become a Samson like person. glorified in death and take as many of my enemies with me as I can.

  • omega pal

    When Palestinians die, says Israeli human rights organisation B’Tselemspokeswoman Sarit Michaeli, “Israelis don’t deny [they] have died, but they’ve simply done a mental process that blames the Palestinian deaths on Palestinians themselves.” Gaza residents are homogenised as Hamas supporters – even though most were not of voting age when the group was elected in 2007 – justifying collective punishment.

    For those who want peace – including an end to the occupation and the dismantling of every settlement – it is tempting to demonise Israeli supporters of this latest offensive. But it is futile and self-defeating. The occupation will not end until the rationales that sustain it are understood. As Palestinian children are killed, that may seem like a lot to stomach, but it is no less necessary.

    • Historian

      Now you are blaming Israel for the deaths of Palestinian people in GAZA?? WRONG!! Hamas and their factions are totally to blame.
      hiding behind their citizens,,
      Also get this into your collective heads..THERE IS NO “OCCUPATION” NONE of the land taken by Israel in the 67 war EVER belonged to any Palestinian.,, JORDAN governed all the west bank land, now a part of Israel, except for the Golan Heights from Syria. Arafat coined that “Occupation” after the 1967 war and the media and of course the Palestinians swallowed the cool-aid. Jerusalem (all of it) was and is thee capital of Israel for over 3000 years,, Arafat stole billions from his own people and his wife now in France has it. He was given billions from Arab countries to help the lives of the Palestinian people and they still worship him. He was a crook!.

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  • Hasrul Rusli Guci


    • Historian

      We all pray for that,,Eliminate Hamas and the terrorists factions and Palestinians will have a chance at a State.. People in Israel pray for that too.

  • Truth..

    To all those who are fighting to divide and destroy Egypt. You will never succeed, MB is soon gone, Sisi will finish Nasser’s job and you cowardly criminals who exploit opportunities to commit your actions will be found! Egypt will emerge victorious from this. Never forget it …

    • Historian

      Nasser was an enemy of his own people wanting more power at the expense and the lives of his own people. Including Hussein of Jordan at that time. He finally came around,,but also lied to his people.

  • Truth..

    How is it that you are on Egypt as hell about gaza? How is it that you do not hear a damn thing from the Palestinian West Bank? I have not heard that they have done so much to help gaza. That’s their people right?

  • Historian

    Ummah You are a disgrace to peaceful people and the Egyptian community.
    .. Go to Gaza and put on a bomb vest and blowup Palestinian citizens..You are an Islamic pig and Allah is now punishing YOU for being so mentally deprived,

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