Executive interference in drafting media laws is inadmissible: Press Syndicate

Daily News Egypt
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The Press Syndicate bureau said the 2014 Constitution does not allow for the executive authority’s interference in drafting media laws.

The Syndicate stressed that it is the “only body constitutionally mandated to discuss laws related to the profession and provide an opinion on them”. In a statement on Friday, it cited Article 72 of the 2014 Constitution on guaranteeing the independence of media services and institutions and Article 77, which stipulates that the opinion of the Press Syndicate must be taken regarding bills related to the profession.

Articles in the 2014 Constitution have left many details open to regulation by complementary laws. The complementary laws on regulating press and visual media are currently being drafted.

The Syndicate bureau said that the Interim Supreme Press Council’s mandate ends only after the election of parliament and issuing a new law to regulate the press, “which, according to this order, affirms that new laws must not be issued before the election of the House of Representatives”.

The bureau recommended that the syndicate form a general committee to draft media laws. The committee’s mandate is to draft laws complementary to the 2014 Constitution to regulate press and media.

The bureau’s recommendation is set to be discussed in a meeting of the syndicate’s board, which may approve the recommendation on Tuesday.

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