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Human rights group stresses Egypt’s Constitution allocates 5% of jobs to persons with disabilities 

Those with special needs represent 10.64% of Egypt's total population

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What do experts think about celebrations in front of polling stations?

Scenes of women dancing in front of polling stations became common during

Sarah El-Sheikh Sarah El-Sheikh

Above average turnout in Cairo, celebratory atmosphere in most polling stations

Since early Saturday, the first day of the referendum on amendments to

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Abdel Aal refers MPs’ request to amend articles of constitution to general committee

Legal debate stirred over possibility of extending presidential term while 2014 Constitution

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Parliament approves withdrawal of judicial monitoring on elections in 2024

The draft law establishes an independent National Elections Commission to monitor elections

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Administrative Court rejects parliamentary re-elections in Giza circuit

One year after a court decision to seat Al-Shobaky instead of Mansour,

Farah Bahgat Farah Bahgat

Parliament denies NGOs law sent to president

Media reports claiming Al-Sisi returned the law to parliament for amendments are

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Nubians reportedly agree to disperse protest with preconditions

MP Mostafa Bakry said the protestors will not be followed by security

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Government imposes restrictive church construction law

Parliament claims issue dates back to 160 years, but passes law in

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