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Parliament expects draft law on freedom of information to counter rumours

Government is supposed to submit another draft law early October, says MP

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Op-ed review: Press, media responsibility, control, freedom

In Sunday’s newspapers, writers reflected on more than one socio-political topic in…

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Women who seek freedom from cultural constraints

Every young woman wants to achieve success in her personal and professional…

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After formation of media regulatory bodies, lights for press freedom dim

The parliament’s issuance of two laws to regulate the media raises doubts…

Farah Bahgat Farah Bahgat

Conference at Press Syndicate voices rejection of websites blocking

Over 20 news websites were blocked last week with no official explanation

Shaimaa Raafat Shaimaa Raafat

Press Syndicate Council members reject website block

Council members to hold meeting with affected journalists on Wednesday

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Between choice and inevitability

The law of nature is inevitability, and the law of life is…

Mohamed El Saadany Mohamed El Saadany

Stability will be achieved when freedom and justice prosper: FDJ

Amr Badr criticises syndicate leadership’s stance on imprisoned journalists

Farah Bahgat Farah Bahgat

Experts review media conditions in ECPPS conference

Calls for less state control of media institutions arise

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