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Op-ed review: Press, media responsibility, control, freedom

In Sunday’s newspapers, writers reflected on more than one socio-political topic in Egypt. The issue of press freedom and regulations was tackled by two journalists in the privately-owned Al-Shorouk newspaper, who both made statements about a new draft law expected to be passed. Ayman Sayyad used a recent example where a media gag was imposed …

Daily News Egypt

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Women who seek freedom from cultural constraints

Every young woman wants to achieve success in her personal and professional life, but the path to success can be tricky and navigating it requires being proactive in several aspects of one’s life. Even though the path to success is always accompanied by many challenges, including the cultural constraints that are defined by society’s rules, …

Daily News Egypt

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Between choice and inevitability

The law of nature is inevitability, and the law of life is choice. Humans live between the ability to choose and the inevitability of life. You might wonder “how?” and the answer is that the law of nature does not recognise exceptions. Despite the renewing nature of life, it is stable and unchangeable. The change …

Mohamed El Saadany

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Germans and their love of freedom

Freedom of art matters a lot to most Germans – so much so that it is protected by law. But even in Germany’s democracy and with its liberal outlook, there are certain legal and moral limitations to artistic expression.

Deutsche Welle

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Germany’s friendly against Netherlands a ‘symbol of freedom’

Germany are set to face the Netherlands in what is one of the hottest rivalries in international football. Following the terror attacks in Paris though, the heat is bound to be turned way down on this one. Both national team head coach Joachim Löw and manager Oliver Bierhoff used their pre-match press conference near Hanover …

Deutsche Welle