6 April member detained for possession of leaflets

Joel Gulhane
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The Suez prosecution has ordered 15 days of detention for Ahmed Ibrahim for possession of documents, papers and leaflets inciting against the government, police and armed forces, according to state owned Al-Ahram.

Ibrahim, a member of the Alexandrian branch of the 6 April Democratic Front, was arrested when travelling from Alexandria to a Belayim Petroleum site in the Sinai Peninsula, a security source told Al-Ahram.

The 6 April Democratic Front reported Ibrahim’s arrest on Thursday night, stating: “It has now become a punishable charge to belong to the movement now.” The statement said the front believes there is a “dirty and systematic campaign against the movement and its members,” adding that the aim is to “eliminate us”.

Selim Al-Hawary, spokesman for the Alexandrian branch of the group, said that he does not know why Ibrahim was arrested for the content of any leaflets he was carrying. He said: “Our leaflets contain messages of freedom, opposition to military rule and opposition to the constitution.” He did not believe that the materials could have been perceived as incitement.

Hamdy Khalaf, a lawyer for the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights, said that the Ibrahim was searched by police and found to have a laptop, leaflets and picture on his phone of him wearing a 6 April movement t-shirt. Khalaf said: “Many people in Egypt have pictures of demonstrations and other things relating to the revolution since 25 January 2011.” He said there is no law in Egypt banning the possession of 6 April t-shirts. He added there is a dangerous precedent being set.






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