24% of Egyptians feel the government performance is good, 58% feel safe

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Photo courtesy of Baseera
Photo courtesy of Baseera
Photo courtesy of Baseera

Dr.Magued Osman

The Egyptian Center for Public Opinion Research “Baseera” conducted a public opinion poll on Egyptians’ evaluation of Dr.Hazem El-Beblawi’s performance as a Prime Minister, and the government’s performance, and the extent to which they feel safe, and their evaluation of their current living standards

The poll results indicate that 24% of Egyptians view the performance of El-Beblawi’s government as good, compared to 33% who view it as average, 22% who feel it is bad, and 21% who replied that they did not know. The percentage who rate the government’s performance as good increases from 21% among youth aged 18-29 years of age, to 28% among Egyptians aged 50 or above, and decreases from 26% among those with  less than intermediate education to 19% among those with university education.

The percentage that views government performance as being good increases from 19% in urban governorates to 23% Upper Egypt in and 27% in Lower Egypt.

Regarding the performance of Hazem El-Beblawi himself, in his capacity as Prime Minister, 22% of Egyptians replied that his performance was good, 30% that it was average, 18% that it was bad, and 30% that they did not know. The percentage that views his performance as good increases from 16% among youth aged 18-29 to 26% among Egyptians aged 50 or above. The percentage that views his performance as being good does not change with educational level while the percentage that views his performance as bad increases from 13% among those with less than intermediate education to 31% among those with university education.

Respondents were asked if they felt safe these days, and 58% replied that they do, compared to 66% at the end of September and 27% at the end of August. The percentage that reports feeling safe decreases from 63% in Lower Egypt to 57% in Upper Egypt and 51% in urban governorates.

Respondents were asked about their standards of living if compared to their standards of living a year ago. Around 30% replied that they had improved, 37% that there had been no change from last year, 32% that it had gotten worse and 1% that they did not know — proportions that are the same as those measured last month. As for their expectations for their living standards in the upcoming year compared tot he present day, 67% expect that it would improve, 5% do not expect any change, 7% expect that they will be worse and 21% did not know.

Respondents were also asked if the price of goods had increased over the last month, with 74% replying that they had. Of those who believe that prices have risen, 36% replied that the greatest increase had been in the price of tomatoes, 22% that it was potatoes, 10% that it was meat and 3% replied that all goods had increased similarly.

Poll Methodology:

The poll was conducted using landline and mobile telephones on a sample size of 1964 ages 18 or older nationwide. All interviews were conducted on 30 and 31 October, 2013. The response rate was approximately 63%, while the results’ margin of error is less than 3%.

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