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78% of Egyptians optimistic about 2021: Public opinion research

The survey focused on expectations for the new year, 2021, particularly as…

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Baseera estimates 616,000 Egyptians over 18 infected with COVID-19

On Monday, Egypt reported 1,576 new coronavirus cases, and 85 new deaths

Sarah El-Sheikh Sarah El-Sheikh

71% of Egyptians say family income insufficient for expenses, needs: Baseera

Nearly 71% of Egyptians described their family income as insufficient for their…

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34% of Egyptians reduce their consumption of food: Baseera

66% of Egyptians do not agree to raise the price of fuel…

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6% response to Al-Sisi’s demand to donate to Tahya Masr: Baseera poll

About 1/5 of Egyptians have never heard of the initiative

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Saudi Arabia friendliest country to Egypt, Israel most hostile: Poll

Baseera’s opinion poll on 26 countries surprisingly indicates that Ethiopia is friendly…

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53% approval rate for Mehleb before resignation

Baseera said Monday that he had the best rating of any prime…

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President Al-Sisi’s approval rates at all-time high despite worsening security

Almost nine in 10 people approve of presidential performance, research group stands…

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New poll finds Egyptians generally unsupportive of military action in Yemen

21% of those supporting airstrikes against Houthis say it is part of…

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The fading faces of opposition media under Al-Sisi’s Egypt

Egyptian media formed Al-Sisi's personality cult and is constantly emphasising the fight…

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