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Brotherhood demands international community not recognise foreign minister

A Muslim Brotherhood statement calls on other countries to reject interim government as representative of Egypt

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The Muslim Brotherhood calls on other countries to reject interim government as representative of Egypt

The Muslim Brotherhood called on “all countries and institutions” to not recognise Egyptian interim Minister of Foreign Affairs Nabil Fahmy as a representative of Egypt.

In a statement issued on Wednesday evening, the group demanded that Fahmy “not be allowed to enter the building” of the United Nations, as he was appointed by an “illegitimate” president, who in turn was appointed by Minister of Defence Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi following a “coup on the legitimate system” after “kidnapping the legitimate president.”

The Muslim Brotherhood statement accused the interim government of killing approximately 5,000 people and injuring another 10,000, while carrying out around 10,000 politically-motivated arrests of leaders and activists. It also accused the interim government laying siege to cities to intimidate peaceful civilians and commit “crimes against humanity.”

The statement added “the people of Egypt reject this representation imposed on them with iron and fire.”

Fahmy is in New York City with a delegation for the 68th session of the United Nations General Assembly and is scheduled to deliver Egypt’s speech on Saturday. Ousted President Mohamed Morsi gave Egypt’s address before the 67th session last year.

The foreign minister has conducted meetings with high-level officials of other countries to discuss Egypt’s transitional development, reiterating the interim government’s commitment to the roadmap put in place on 3 July following Morsi’s removal from power.

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  • Reda Sobky

    Whoever doesn’t want to relate to Egypt because of the fall of deposed, it is better if they stay away, the truth is almost everybody wants good relations with Egypt. The vast majority of the peoples and governments in the world know what came down what the people needed to do if Egypt was to be saved from a new colonization by an international supra national network. In essence, brotherhood central sends order to the guide and the guide transmits them to the person who occupies the highest office and who is sworn in to serve Egypt, who then carries them out. Everybody now knows this including the governments who are not part of their alliance and of course, the ones in this alliance are already in on the mischief. So this a dance of the bully playing victim. The same bully who had prepared plans to commit ethnic cleansing that were just waiting for a signal to start and gave the signal to burn and kill, is now posing as a victim, removed by an arbitrary coup from power…certainly insulting the intelligence of other nations especially those who have long standing ties people to people and government to government with Egypt and understand what happened beyond propaganda. Mr Fahmy is there representing the Egyptian people who acted to remove the deposed from power by mass action and who asserted themselves on the glorious date of June 30th, the single most important day in the modern history of Egypt.

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