Haddad: No alternative to “full constitutional legitimacy”

Hend Kortam
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Gehad El Haddad, spokesperson of the Muslim Brotherhood (File Photo by Aaron T. Rose/DNE)
Gehad El Haddad, spokesperson of the Muslim Brotherhood (File Photo by Aaron T. Rose/DNE)
Gehad El Haddad, spokesperson of the Muslim Brotherhood (File Photo by Aaron T. Rose/DNE)

Gehad El-Haddad said “We will remain steadfast in the squares until the people regain their revolution” while Essam El-Erian urged people to be patient in statements Sunday night.

El-Haddad, who is the Muslim Brotherhood spokesperson said the Muslim Brotherhood’s stance has not changed, that they want “constitutional legitimacy” and the reversal of everything that happened as a result of the “military coup.”

El-Haddad added that three conditions must be met for the restoration of legitimacy, the return of ousted President Mohamed Morsi to the presidency, with the full powers “entrusted to him by the people,” the reinstatement of the now dissolved upper house of parliament, the Shura Council and the return of the constitution.

On 3 July, Egypt’s Defence Minister Abdul Fatah Al-Sisi announced a roadmap that included holding early presidential elections, temporarily suspending the constitution and the swearing in of the head of the Supreme Constitutional Court, Adly Mansour, as interim president. The Shura Council was also dissolved on that day and Mansour was sworn in the next day. A Constituent Assembly has been selected to amend the constitution.

Morsi supporters regard the move as a coup. El-Erian addressed the Egyptian people in his statement telling them “the putschists have failed to impose the coup, which has been rejected by a large sector of the Egyptian society…”

“You have proven that you have managed to thwart the conspiracy and reveal the truth of the coup,” his statement read. He added that the country is on the edge of an economic and financial abyss and “that may be the end of the coup” because there is no security, stability, investment, or a competent government.

El-Erian gave some advice to the people including patience, increasing the number of people who reject the coup, and supporting the families of martyrs, detainees and injured. His recommendations also included “being loyal to Allah” and to “unite and avoid conflicts.”

Following the removal of Morsi, a wide-ranging crackdown on his supporters has been taking place. Brotherhood figures behind bars include Supreme Guide Mohamed Badie who stands trial along with his deputies on charges of involvement in killing protesters on 30 June. Former MPs Mohamed Al-Beltagy and Farid Ismail, and former Shura Council member Sobhi Saleh are also behind bars.

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