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National Coalition to Support Legitimacy: Al-Sisi’s call a “declaration of civil war”

Calls for counter-demonstrations on Friday

Official spokesperson for the Muslim Brotherhood Gehad El-Haddad reading out a statement by the National Coalition of Legitimacy and refusal of Military Coup calling for counter demonstrations on Friday Courtesy of the Freedom and Justice Party
Official spokesperson for the Muslim Brotherhood Gehad El-Haddad reading out a statement by the National Coalition of Legitimacy and refusal of Military Coup calling for counter demonstrations on Friday
Courtesy of the Freedom and Justice Party

By Mahitab Assran

Representatives of the National Coalition to Support Legitimacy (NCSL) condemned General Abdul Fatah Al-Sisi’s call for demonstrations on Friday and accused him of inviting a “civil war” in a press conference on Wednesday.

Earlier on Wednesday Al-Sisi made a speech calling on the Egyptian people to take to the streets on Friday to give him authorisation to stop all violence and terror. The NCSL said that they considered Al-Sisi’s statement “a declaration of civil war and the start of nationwide massacres.”

They claimed that Al-Sisi’s “incendiary” statement is “proof of the disarray of the bloody revolutionaries who are ruling Egypt.” They compared the general’s speech to one by Bashar Al-Assad and said that they hold Al-Sisi fully accountable for “any bloodshed that is to happen.”

The NCSL promised to continue their “peaceful protests,” saying “nothing Al-Sisi could say or do” would cause them to use anything other than peaceful methods.

They accused Al-Sisi of being the “leader of the coup and the sole ruler of Egypt,” as well as “orchestrating all the massacres and murders by ordering war upon his own people.”

The coalition claimed that terror incidents in Sinai were orchestrated by the intelligence service as a justification for the army to break “our peaceful protesting and resisting.”

The NCSL called on Sheikh Ahmed Al-Tayeb, Grand Imam of Al-Azhar, Pope Tawadros II and all “nationalist groups” to clearly announce their position regarding Al-Sisi’s statement. The coalition also called upon the international community, specifically the United Nations and all Human Rights organisations to renounce Al-Sisi’s call.

The coalition called for the members of the “armed forces and the Egyptian police to not obey Al-Sisi’s orders to kill your fellow brethren” and avoid further bloodshed. They invited all Egyptians to peacefully protest “instantly and not stop until the military regime is brought down and the January 25th revolution returns with its ideas and its demands are enforced.”

The NCSL finally declared that the “blood of martyrs will always be victorious” and that they will never give up.

The coalition demanded an immediate trial of Al-Sisi, accusing him of various crimes against humanity and against his own people.


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  • Mahmud Abdullah

    Is the military chief calling on Egyptians to engage themselves in a civil war? Perhaps those days are not so far when the coup leaders will be brought to book for the crime they have perpetrated by ousting a democratically elected president. The putsch-plotters not only toppled a freely elected president but also kidnapped him. The vast Majority of Egyptians do not and will not support a coup d’etat against a democratically elected president, only some vested quarters are backing the coup-plotters for their own purpose and interest. It seems that coup-leaders are playing foul games to ruin and ravage Egypt.

  • DavidHSwingler

    25 million Egyptians – mostly Muslims – signed petitions requesting the Egyptian military to PLEASE accept the MANDATE OF THE MAJORITY PEOPLE officially registered in individual ‘Ballots’ of the Tamarod Petition – almost TWICE the number who voted for Morsy 1 year ago. 33 Million Egyptians marched in Egypt’s streets on June 30th voicing the MANDATE OF THE MAJORITY PEOPLE officially and democratically requesting the Egyptian military to PLEASE accept the Mandate of the People and remove Morsy – almost THREE TIMES the number of votes Morsy was elected by last year. THIS IS LEGITIMACY – the MAJORITY VOICE of the Egyptian People. I have lived in Egypt almost 5 years, I love Egypt; because of my tourism business for Egypt I went several times to the Muslim Brotherhood HQ in Muqqatum and many times to several FJP HQs in Cairo, and I even went to see Morsy himself last year 2 weeks after he was elected – see the front page of Al-Masry Al-Youm July 15, 2012 and see my picture there at the Presidential Palace on El-Merghany Street in Cairo. I lived in Cairo during 8 months of Morsy’s 12 months and what I read above from the NCSL is “sour grapes loser whining” of the small minority of MB supporters who wish the world to think THEY are a majority when in fact only about 15% of Egyptians want Morsy at all. 15% is NOT the majority; 15% is NOT the mandate of the people. The statement here reported by the NCSL is “misinformation” and is incitement to violence – openly threatening that the MB supporters will MAKE A CIVIL WAR. El-Sisi’s speech calls for peaceful demonstrations to show a call for the military to be given power to stop the violence in the streets – which witnesses clearly show is caused by MB backlash and refusal to accept that THEY ARE NOT THE MAJORITY AND THEY NO LONGER HAVE LEGITIMACY. Many commentators have pointed out that Chancellor Adolf Hitler was legally elected and had “legitimacy” – which he usurped and made himself a dictator. Facts show Morsy – who was clearly a puppet of the MB – used his “legitimacy” of election to award himself power even Mubarak never dared to assume, while quickly replacing over 13,000 posts in Egyptian government with MB plants. Morsy’s government was NOT “for the People” but only for HIS group. The NCSL’s claim is politically incorrect – LEGITIMACY IN A DEMOCRACY IS THE MAJORITY WILL OF THE PEOPLE and the Majority Will of the Egyptian People has spoken – TWICE: in 25 million petitions and 33 million in the streets June 30th. THIS IS DEMOCRATIC LEGITIMACY and in this statement here by the NCSL they openly threaten they THEY will rise in arms and make civil war – for it is 100% clear and certain that el-Sisi’s intent is to STOP the MB minority resistance which refuses to accept that THEY HAVE LOST POWER IN THE CURRENT DEMOCRATIC MANDATE OF 25 MILLION SIGNED ‘BALLOTS’ REMOVING MORSY AND 33 MILLION VOICES REJECTING MORSY’S UNILATERAL DICTATORSHIP FOR THIS MINORITY. It is time for the MB-Morsy supporters to acknowledge their party has been democratically defeated by petition and majority voice in the streets and get back to the work of rebuilding Egypt!! June 30th and July 3rd were popularist ELECTIONS and Morsy LOST. As in all fair elections – and both the petitions and the 33 million in the streets are 100% globally witnessed “Elections” in which the MAJORITY ELECTED TO REMOVE MORSY AND THE MB – when the majority has democratically spoken as the majority has spoken in Egypt, it is time for the losers to stop pouting, stop protesting, stop marching AND SUPPORT THE FORWARD BUILDING OF EGYPT’S FUTURE. It is time for the MB and Morsy supports to realize: we live in a visual, instantly-seen-in-pictures-and-TV world and everything happening in Egypt is SEEN by the world. The world KNOWS who the majority in Egypt is and what the majority in Egypt wants: the world sees – the majority of Egyptians wanted Morsy out; he is out; the new civilian interim government is courageously working 24 hours a day to pull Egypt up out of the downward plummeting nosedive fall Egypt is in, valiantly working to save the country! El-Sisi clearly wants this Friday’s show of voice to be the last and final marches – so the country can get to work! “Now is the time to build our country” is the cry which should motivate and drive all Egyptians. In every democratic country, when there is a Mandate of the People and power changes hands, the “losers” are unhappy, sure – but they accept the will of the majority and GO TO WORK BUILDING THEIR COUNTRY. If the MB-Morsy factions will accept the fact that “they lost” in this democratic political event, and stop resisting and marching, el-Sisi will have no cause to get on TV and ask for the majority to AGAIN show their voice, to stop the marches and violence. It is the NCSL and all who are resisting the MAJORITY VOICE who are halting Egypt moving forward – as Egypt desperately needs to move – FORWARD.

    • Mike Goodwin

      What you say was well written and makes sense. What do you feel about the US stance on the situation? They have suspended the F16 delivery, according to the Daily News today. Does that indicate Obama is still supporting MB? It gives me that impression.
      And what about early elections? I can’t see the MB accepting defeat until after another general election and that would need to be represented by all parties.
      I still think Sisi was correct in his action and hope he gets the support he deserves. I also hope the US realises that Egypt still needs their support with food, investment and jobs. Raising peoples standards and filling their aspirations is vital in creating a fair and democratic country.

      • DavidHSwingler

        Dear Mike, You ask my feelings on the US stance. Thursday’s Washington statement they will NOT call Egypt’s process a ‘coup’ is wonderful but falls far short of praising the democratic courage of the Egyptian Majority to systematically achieve Morsy’s ‘impeachment’ in this – the only way left to them after the MB infiltration of more than 13,000 government posts. I feel the United States should apologize on record publicly to the Egyptian People for being slow to understand this IS democracy in action, just in a new way – the way the People must democratically act when an elected leader forfeits his legitimacy in usurpation. I feel the US should publicly recognize this, and regain the trust and support of the real power in Egypt – the People – by openly showing the US sides with the majority, the People. Also, Washington should STOP acting stupid in these ridiculous urgings for the new interim government to hold elections soon – the “Road Map” is daily re-affirmed in Egyptian announcements and Washington should show WE BELIEVE THEM by praising what is happening, and supportively praising how quickly the new civilian interim government is progressing towards these goals. The Egyptian People are highly intelligent and they clearly see how Washington fails them each time Washington absurdly re-states the call for elections etc – as if the Egyptian People, military and new interim government are not doing it. America must STOP acting in this childish way and stand up in full recognition of Egypt’s resolve which they re-confirm in daily progress. America’s denial of this recognition squarely tells the Egyptian People “You don’t count. What you do doesn’t count. What you say doesn’t count. We only hear the Muslim Brotherhood and see the armu – WE DO NOT SEE THE PEOPLE.” This is the message Washington gives Egypt, every day. The 4 weeks refusing to “not call it s coup” was 4 weeks of America saying “The People of Egypt don’t count, we don’t see them, only the military.” This is a national insult and the Egyptians rightly take it so. Obama should apologize for this blindness. Anne W. patterson who is such a wonderful and good person – how she had such bad intel I will never understand – she too should apologize and then leave Egypt – she is a VERY good diplomat who loves Muslim people and has a record of enormous good works, but she has burned her good-will in Egypt and should honorably apologize to the Majority Egyptian People and allow a new Ambassador to come to Egypt praising The People, supporting the new inclusive civilian government, praising the progress daily made toward free elections which absolutely is in progress as I write this. This is how America can regain the friendship of our true Friends, the People of Egypt. Thanks for your question. DHS

        • Mike Goodwin

          Thanks for that David. I did not know that MB infiltrated 13,000 gov positions. Quite incredible.
          I wonder how many they have infiltrated in the US?
          I do hope you picked up on the Lybian sacking of the MB offices yesterday 27/6. I think the tide has turned on them. Good Luck. Mike

          • DavidHSwingler

            I am seeing everything happening all over the MENA Region as Egypt’s success has triggered public response in many places. The tide turned on the MB 5 months after Morsy took office – I was in Cairo on November 22 and a few days later Morsy usurped dictatorial powers, fired an opposing Supreme Court Judge and forced his MB Constitutional Referendum on the nation – instantly triggering nation-wide riots and demonstrations. So it is since last November the MB sealed its fate. Yet truly, even before this the MB had the tide turned against them: When I went home last August for a short rest at home, in Dubai airport I saw ALL the English Gulf newspapers had headlines about how the UAE and other MENA countries were quickly acting to stop the spread of the MB. It was – for me – at this moment I learned that the MB (which I had met with as a routine security measure in my business) was NOT the “good guys” their mask pretended to be. For Egyptians, the tide really started to turn 6 weeks before last year’s elections (I was in Egypt all those months) because since the Jan 25 Revolution the MB had declared it would run no candidate for the presidency – and when 6 weeks prior to the elections the MB threw in Morsy with millions of dollars quickly spreading myriads of posters and billboards and TV commercials all over Egypt, the people saw: The MB were liars. The amazing fact is that Morsy was selected only 1 week before he became the publicly seen candidate – and neither he nor the MB expected him to win – it was like a gesture. Yet because the initial presidential election had 14 candidates – splintering the vote with no majority winner – and because the MB was well organized and thus got their man 5+ million votes (about 10% of the Registered Voters) by surprise Morsy went into the run-off election against Ahmed Shafiq who clearly was the best qualified but Egyptians feared voting for him was a vote backwards – Shafiq came from Mubarak background. Because of this less than half of Egypt’s Registered voters voted in the run-offs – failing to understand that in democracy the one with the most votes wins the majority boycotted the run-off election in protest not liking either candidate left – which allowed the MB an entire week to go to all the Mosques and preach that any Muslim who did not vote for Morsy would go to hell; they also obstructed voters at the polls by intimidating and ‘stalling tactics’ occupying time shutting out Shafiq voters. ALL of this was seen by Egyptians who were shocked when Morsy’s win was announced – I was there, everyone thought it would be Shafiq – so truly, the tide turned against the MB back at the time of the election itself. I was there for 8 months of Morsy’s 12 months and I myself saw and heard it all from virtually every Egyptian I spoke with. This is why – to me, an American – it shocks me and astonishes me that the Obama administration has either had such wrong intel or has another agenda – which has given the US its worst image in Egypt since the Jan 25 Revolution. Thanks for your comments, God Bless Egypt!

    • Sam Malik

      Yeh I can create petition of 50 millions in 2 months, it doesn’t require real people. just list of names.

      Suppose we accept that those 25 millions were written by real people still they are not majority because there 51 million voters in Egypt. There are still 26 million who support Morsi.

      There were no more than 3 million of Streets, so please stop exaggerating.

      • DavidHSwingler

        Dear Sam, a’Salamo’Elikum! My MANY Muslim friends in Cairo and Alexandria keep in daily contact with me since I left Egypt only 8 weeks ago. Tamarod has 25M petitions signed with ID numbers and thumbprints. There are 55 Million Registered Voters in Egypt. the numbers nationwide on June 30th are accurately estimated at 33 Million – nationwide. Friday July 26 MILLIONS of pro-New Government again were in the streets; only “tens of thousands” of pro-Morsy-MB protesters were in the streets – we live in a “mobile-phone-picture-world” which by pictures confirms the Egyptian Baseera POLL showing 71% of Egyptians did NOT want Morsy, they DO want him gone, they DO want the new interim civilian government. So, this is not exaggeration, these are the facts – 71% of Egyptians want Egypt to move forward, get back to work and have an inclusive government. MB still refuses – MB wants monopoly and unilateral control, not coalition, not partisan cooperation, not inclusive government representing ALL Egyptians. God Bless YOU, Allah Halik – and God Bless Egypt to have Peace, and inclusive government for ALL – including MB which daily is invited to join the process but refuses. God Bless Egypt. DHS

  • Mike Goodwin

    I am prepared to die, but there is no cause for which I am prepared to kill.

    Mahatma Gandhi

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  • schamass

    Liars, liars, they are.

  • Sam Malik

    People are noticing clear difference between democracy and dictatorship
    – In last 365 days of Morsi no opponent leaders were Jailed or Arrested,
    but military dictators have arrested hundreds of opponents in just 3
    – In last 365 days of Morsi no body died in the protests
    against Morsi, but in military dictators killed hundreds of people in
    just 3 week.
    – In last 365 days of Morsi no media channels were closed, Military dictators have closed 7 TV channels in just 7 days.
    – In last 365 days of Morsi no office of opposition parties were burned
    but military dictators have burned all the office MB in just few days.
    – Morsi didn’t ask for population support for (massacres) clamping down on opposition protests like this Nazi dictator is doing right now.

    These military dictators are the getting support from other dictators
    in the region who do not allow free speech, they imprison people for
    year for just criticizing them. Morsi allowed all opposition to criticize , he allowed opposition rallies without any restrictions. while these Nazis have done massacres outside the military facilities.

    Its time for decision for middle east , if they want dictators and thieves or legitimate leaders.

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