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Tourism sector on unstable ground

Some countries warn their citizens against visiting Cairo due to the unrest

Beach tourism represents 80% of all of the sector’s revenues. Three months’ worth of revenues from this sector are actually enough to match the amount of money being considered as part of the country’s pending IMF loan package (file photo: AFP)
Spokesman of the Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Martin Weisson Tuesday declaredthe safety of some Egyptian touristic destinations, including Hurgada, Sharm Al-Sheikh, Alexandria and Luxor.
(AFP Photo)

By: Doaa Farid

Spokesman of the Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Martin Weisson Tuesday declaredthe safety of some Egyptian touristic destinations, including  Hurgada, Sharm Al-Sheikh, Alexandria and Luxor.

The ministry had previously announced the presence of approximately 8,000 Austrian tourists in Egypt, warning them against visiting Cairo

The deputy head of hotels chamber, Hani El-Shaer, said tourism has not yet changed since 30 June. He expressed his concern, however, about the violence in the streets, warning that this would not help the tourism sector.

Shortly after the ouster of former president Mohamed Morsi, the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism announced in a statement that they predict a boom in tourism in the coming period starting next autumn, after the country stabilises.

El-Shaer said that everyone was expecting prosperity in tourism after Morsi’s ouster but the violence erupted “stole our hope”. He also said that there may be many tourists in Egypt right now but most of them are Syrians and Libyans who don’t provide high revenue.

He mentioned that France also advised against travel to Egypt, and Germany only allowed its citizens to visit Hurgada and Sharm Al-Sheikh.

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  • From my point of view, visiting Egypt at the coming days, weeks or even months isn’t a good idea for somebody who wants to see something more than the Red Sea resorts. I was thinking about my next trip to see Sahara desert autumn this year, but to be honest at this time i need to verify my plans and change my holidays destination. There is no guarantee such trip will be safe for me, and even it will be possible to do… That’s why this year, I’m not flying to Egypt, where i spent my holidays usually

    • arat

      I feel that you are unfair judging from far away! many foreigners, as myself, living in Egypt are visiting places around the country at the time we writing about it. Yes, I have to say it is not as safe as it was before revolution 2011, but please find any place in this world that is safe 100%. Woman Association of Cairo is organizing trip to Daghla Oases next week. Members of this Association are Egyptians and foreigners living here. Do you think if the situation is so grave, security will allow such events to be done??!! Do you think those woman are “crazy in love with Egypt” and they want to show to the world that it is safe, despite grave danger? let me know if you still want to come to Egypt, let me show you real Egypt!

      • First of all – apologize if you are feeling touched with my comment. Please take a look to the date of it – 4 months ago! That’s a lot of time, and many things has been changed in the meantime. At the time i wrote such comment, almost every day i have heard about victims, that’s why i said i don’t feel comfortable to stay in Egypt, when on the streets of Cairo and other bigger cities people dying. Today we have another reality, and perhaps (i cannot say this with 100% guarantee, because as you said i’m far, far away) this is much more safe place, even with comparision with another touristic destinations. Unfortunately i need to plan my holidays in advance and i will go to another African country this year 🙁 But… i still thinking about trip through Sahara, and visiting Cairo again – i will do my best to be there on spring – i really miss Egypt and Egyptians 😉

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