Egypt’s daily COVID-19 cases may break 2,000 mark; pandemic peak undefined: official 

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The Ministry of Health expects the daily number of coronavirus (COVID-19) cases to exceed 2,000 in the coming period, according to Dr Hossam Hosni, Chairperson of the Scientific Committee to Combat the coronavirus.

Hosni added that the state has taken all the necessary precautionary measures to protect the health and safety of citizens.

During a phone call to the Extra News on Sunday, Hosni said the ministry has been warning citizens since late May that the number of daily infections is expected to range between 2,000 and 2,500 cases. 

On Sunday, Egypt reported 1,618 new coronavirus cases, and 91 new fatalities, marking the country’s highest daily death toll of the virus. The total number of confirmed cases in Egypt has reached 44,598 cases, with 1,575 fatalities. A total of 11,931 cases have recovered and been discharged from quarantine facilities at hospitals.

Hosni clarified that the most important aspect of the fight against the coronavirus is to prevent community spread. This could be achieved through raising awareness among citizens, and some measures such as wearing face masks.

He also pointed out that the committee has noticed a positive level of awareness on the virus among citizens, proving the success of the state’s precautionary measures.

It is, however, too difficult to predict when the pandemic peak will occur in Egypt, according to Hosni. He noted that we will only know when the peak is actually reached in real time when the infection rate’s curve reaches a stable number of infections followed by a decline.

“We expect that June will be the peak month for Egypt, and that the first two weeks of July are the two weeks of steadiness followed by the curve starting to go down in mid-July,” Hosni clarified. 

Moreover, he pointed out that people with blood group O are less likely to get infected with the coronavirus.

Hosni added that Egypt is progressing in its pharmaceutical research for coronavirus vaccines, noting that there will soon be a specific and effective treatment for the pandemic.

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