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Opinion| Stagflated Economy                                                         Opinion| Stagflated Economy                                                         

Opinion| Stagflated Economy 

The fiscal policy clashes the monetary policy, the 1st is pushing for growth and maximizing incomes to address the budget deficiency and public debts, the second is pushing to holdback inflation rates and excess liquidity.

Hisham Farouk

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Egypt’s economy expands healthily in annual term: FocusEconomics

The forecast projected Egypt’s total investments to grow by 14.4% in FY2021/22 — up by 0.4 percentage points from last month’s forecast — and 9.3% in FY2022/23. It also projected a GDP growth of 5.4% in FY2021/22, which is unchanged from last month’s forecast. Moreover, it expected a GDP growth rate of 5% in FY2022/23.

Shaimaa Raafat

Saqib Qureshi

Opinion| Private sector can drive economy in Egypt

Despite how often we are tempted to believe people around the world are radically different, and deeply culturally incompatible, we are more alike than we think. Indeed, we are becoming even more alike every day: As similar technologies, tools, and ideas spread around the world, common themes and patterns become ever more common.

Saqib Qureshi

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Opinion| Promoting healthy development of platform economy and sharing digital dividend

As we all know, China has the world’s largest mobile Internet and the second largest digital economy. With the popularization of Internet technology, China’s platform economy has developed rapidly. New forms and models of business have emerged one after another, playing an important role in promoting high-quality economic development and meeting the people’s ever-growing needs for …

Zhou Zhencheng