Heat wave hits Algeria

Daily News Egypt
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Last week Algerians attacked governmental institutions and private corporations who are seen as responsible for power outages plaguing the nation.

On Friday, many businesses closed because of the heat, reported El Khabar, an Algerian daily.

In a state with over 35 million Muslims and temperatures reported to have reached as high as 50 degrees this month, the combination of an August Ramadan and widespread power outages has been a combustible mix for Algeria.

Algeria sees many of its communal activities shift to nighttime during Ramadan. With such widespread power outages, markets have become the scenes of robberies, people have had to pray without the amplified voice of the imam, and families are eating sohour by candlelight.

The heat is also causing forest fires across the country. Local officials are warning of potential for a humanitarian crisis and asking the federal government for larger aircraft to help combat the flames.

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