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Myanmar’s minority Muslims under attack

When asked where his parents were, the boy mustered, “I don’t know.” He was still very young, even at 17 years-old, to have made a perilous crossing at the Naf River alone, venturing from Myanmar to Bangladesh and fleeing the threat of the Burmese military the length of the trip. At a refugee camp outside …

A Rohingya Muslim village burns in recent violence in Myanmar
A Rohingya Muslim village burns in recent violence in Myanmar

When asked where his parents were, the boy mustered, “I don’t know.”

He was still very young, even at 17 years-old, to have made a perilous crossing at the Naf River alone, venturing from Myanmar to Bangladesh and fleeing the threat of the Burmese military the length of the trip.

At a refugee camp outside of the Bangladeshi city of Teknaf, the boy recounted his story to a documentary photographer, illustrating the plight of the Rohingyan people and their fight to survive under the thumb of the military rulers of Mynamar.

It is a fight and story that has been largely underreported, and it is a story that impelled Saiful Huq, the Bangladeshi photographer who spoke to the boy, to document what has been called a “slow-burning genocide” by observers like Tun Khin, President of the UK-based Burmese Rohingya Organization (BROUK).

Huq has been gathering the stories for four years now, capturing tales of escape and violence through his camera’s lens.

The Rohingya tale has similarly touched Cairo, as Egyptians gathered on Friday at the Myanmar embassy to pressure its government to cease all hostilities against the unarmed civilians. The Rangoon government claims the rural communities hide a dangerous insurgency and pose a grave threat to the nation’s security. The embassy in Cairo declined to comment about the pressure on the government.

The young boy arrived only last Saturday after hiding from an hour-long gunfight. The Burmese military attacked his village, the boy said, and fired on him and his friends. He was forced to watch six of his friends die before he fled, crossing the river and finding himself in Bangladesh like tens of thousands other Rohingya people.

He was lucky, however, as many people are simply turned away.

In early June, the Burmese military fired on a boat carrying refugees who were returning to Myanmar, killing nearly 50 people.

“Even if Bangladesh could take all the arrivals, it doesn’t solve the problem which lies with Myanmar having made these people stateless essentially,” Huq told the Daily News Egypt only an hour after having returned from near one of the camps. As a member of the press he was denied access to the camp as the pressure against the foreign reporting on the situation being too high and too dangerous. “The government does not want this story being told,” he said.

Bangladesh is not a signatory of the 1951 Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees or its Protocol, Huq says they should still act much more responsibly, “Bangladesh should realize that what began as sectarian violence has evolved into organized and large scale state sponsored violence against the Rohingya. And as a neighboring country, knowing these, we cannot push back the Rohingyas into the burning hell- called Burma” says Huq.

Fighting in Mynamar’s Kachin and Rakhine provinces has reignited the threat facing the Rohingya after a nearly two- decade ceasefire between Myanmar’s armed forces and Rohingyan insurgents.

The fallout has displaced at least 70,000 people and as many as 90,000 according to reports from human rights agencies.

Huq came across the situation facing the Rahingyan people while on assignment. He was moved by the depth of the crisis, with it being a long-standing conflict that has so far been critically underreported. For the last four years, he has devoted his attention to gathering the stories he has sadly been forced to hear.

The government of Myanmar does not recognize Rohingya Muslims as citizens, despite their claims to the land in Myanmar’s Rakhine province that dates hundreds of years. They have been accused of being ethnically tied to neighbouring Bangladesh and are diminutively called “Kalar,” a slur against their darker skin. However, Bangladesh does not recognize them, largely crowding them into camps like the one at Shahburi Bib, where the Rohingya are largely left stateless.

UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in Myanmar, Tomás Ojea Quintana, has stressed the need for the authorities to take steps to address the “long-standing issues of deprivation of citizenship, freedom of movement, and other fundamental rights” that plague the welfare of the Rohingya people.

Nobel Prize winner, Aung San Suu Kyi, addressed the issue last week at a press conference in London, saying, “ethnic conflict plaguing the country” should be investigated and “dealt with wisdom.”

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  • lucas

    You all got it wrong..

    In the location of western Myanmar, Rakhine (Arakan ) people are local and Rakhine is their state. Not burmese occupied as majority. Rohingya population is now massively larger than local Rakhine.

    The clash between is Rohingya who happened to be muslim vs Rakhine.

    Rohingya never existed in Census recorded in mid 19 by British rule. Then now adays They are majority in Rakhine, western burma.

    SO you can make sense to yourself why Burma don’t like brand as Religious clash and “attacking on minority Muslim” is just abit too much for any taste!

    • Shujauddeen

      Thank you Ms. Aaryam Ishani for writing about Rohingyas in Arab world. Rohingyas have suffering in Myanmar since world war 2. Not Many Arab Muslims knew about this. I ask every reader to consider Rohingyas are human too and they should have right to live in their forefathers land.

    • Rohingya Re Info Bd

      Although it is regretfully true that, the Bumese Government and its terrorists Rakhine Buddiest have been increasing severe torture ahead upon Rohingya Muslims ethnic minorites in Arakan state Burma to wipe out from Burmas’ history book from 3 June 2012 systemitically to now. Arakan state was dominated or ruled by Rohingya Muslims since 250 years more. Now Suu kyi Says that Myanmar citizenship law should be clarified whether Rohingya Muslims minorites ethnic is eligible to bona-fide citizen or not. There is no doubt that Rohingya Muslims minorites ethnic was real or bona-fide citizen before 1982 citizenship Act which made Rohingya Ethnic stateless or homeless. In this connection Rohingyas face various kinds of torture in the ground of Myanmar soil and even all over the world too. And also UN and other Humanitrean agencies are to describe the Rohingyas are most persecuted people in the world.

      Nowadays their system is a little updated. That is silent or secret killing,torturing,raping,kidnapping to virgins and youth in back of International media that is why they can torture as their wishes.
      Rally Rohingya Muslims minorites Ethnic was bona-fide citizen of Myanmar and the pro-democracy government should recognise Rohingya Ethnic as a bona-citizen as others in Myanmar(Burma).

    • Ne Myo Win

      I think you have also got something wrong! Rohingyas are not massively larger than Rakhines. If I have to say what the population was before this riot, it would be 45% Rohingyas and 55% Rakhines. There are 17 townships in Arakan. In 14 out of these 17, Rakhines make up majority and only in 2 (i.e. Maung Daw and Buthidaung) out of 17, Rohingyas make up Majority. In the townships like Taung Gok and Ann, there are no Rohingyas at all and they are rohingya free region. Tell me what your commonsense will tell you now.

      As far as I am concerned, there were no clashes between Rakhines and Rohingyas but this violence has been being orchestrated by an known groups. For me, both Rohingyas and Rakhines have become the victims of Junta’s political games and a proxy war between two politically and economically powerful titans.

      Both Rakhines and Rohingyas existed in census recorded in mid 19 by British rule but with different names. British recorded Rakhines with the name Maghs and Rohingyas with Chittagonians. No! As I mentioned before, Rohingyas doesn’t make up majority in Arakan. They are less than the population of Rakhines. Who gave you misinformation?

      The war has already made into a form of religious war by Military Junta. I am from Myanmar and I have knowledge of that!

    • The comments are not the actual

    • soe

      Hello Mr Mogh with fake name Lucas.
      Do not be hero here we know your lies Rohingya Muslims or what you called are not in majority now most of Muslims are feeling since 1962.Majority of this people left the Arakan state of Burma because of presecution and now they lives in Saudia Arabia,Bangladesh,Pakistan and some other Muslim countries.
      You know more than half million this Rohingya people are in Pakistan?
      Your second point is Rohingya was did not existed in british census.
      For your kind information British used Muhammadan and Muslims for Muslims of Arakan and Buddist for Mogh peoples todays so-called Rakhines.
      Can you give me any proper proof or link where British used word Rakhine in census?

    • Haris

      As per UN Rohingya are the most persecuted minority in the world. See the wikipedia page for more details.

    • Muslim

      sent in the mujahidin to protect the Muslim.

  • Heather

    This article is an example of “DON’T BELIEVE WHATEVER YOU READ!”.

    • Heather

      Even the picture in the article is proving wrong. The article describes Rohingya as “unarmed citizens”. The Rohingya boy in the picture is evidently armed.

      • Lost_odeassy

        Shame on you Heather, the poor boy have wood as he defense and you called him armed, bloody buddas better stop this valiance or people of the world will interfere and force buddas to get their act together !!

      • Poor Man

        I only hope you go through what they are going through Heather so you know what you are talking about. SHAME ON YOU.

  • Ne Myo Win

    As far as I am concerned, the Rohingyas who live inside the country don’t bother to be an ethnic race. They just want to be recognized as citizens and live like others with all human rights! To make Burma a peaceful country, there shouldn’t be any discriminations between ethnic races and normal citizens. All the rule of laws should be maintained according to universal standards.I have a good knowledge about Arakan as I have been in Maung Daw for two years as a NGO worker. And I had good rapports with both people: Rakhines and Rohingyas. If no one minds, I wish to share you what I know of Arakan.

    Yes it is true that there was no such a name called Rohingya in the history of Arakan. British has recorded Muslims in Arakan as Chittagonians. So, in everyone’s opinion, this is the rightest term Biritish used for Muslims in Arakan. So, British’s records are most correct. If so, what term did the British use for Buddhists in Arakan? Rakhine? Obviously not! If yes, is there any evidence for the fact that British refered the Buddhists in Arakan as Rakhines? British are right and honest because they refered Muslims in Arakan as Chittagonians. The same British are wrong and dis-honest because they refered Buddists in Arakan as Maghs. Why double standards?

    Put aside both religions, Islam and Buddhism, and both names, Rakhine and Rohingya here. Let me put some logical arguments. Everyone will agree if we say that there were the periods called Dhannyawadi and Vesali in the history of Arakan. No one will deny this. OK, then. Can anybody tell us that the kings or rulers in these two historical periods, which dated back to more than 2000 years, belonged to which stocks of human race, Indo-Aryan (i.e. Indian-look-alike people) or Mongoloid (Mongolian look-alike people)? What are the meanings of terms Dhannyawadi and Vesali (Vaishali)? From which language these terms were derived from? In which stock of human race did Siddartha Gautama Buddha and most of earliest follwers, because of whom Buddhistism had spreaded throughout the region, belong to?

    We know there was a people called Rakkhasha (in Pali meaning Cannibals) who used to eat even human beings who are stragers to them. The word has varied through historical periods from Rakkhasha to Rakkha to Rakkuain now to Rakhine. According to some other people, Rakhine was derived from Pali word Rakkhita (meaning people who look after and take care of their race). Yet, it doesn’t matter to me. According to the historians, the place was called Rakkhapura (again in Pali). Has the whole region of Arakan including Chittagong area been called so? Have the cannibals used to live throughout the whole region? How did these Rakkhasha people look alike, mongoloid, aryan, caucasians, negroid? Why was a Pali word “Rakkhasha” used to address cannibals? Who named these cannibals as Rakkhasha by using a Pali word? Wasn’t there be a paralell people to Rakkasha, who named them so using Pali word? Or have they named them “Rakkhasha” (cannibals) by theirselves using a Pali word? Was Pali the language of cannibals? Wasn’t Pali an Indian literature and language? Isn’t it originated to India?

    Indo-Arayan people have been living in Arakan since B.C. 3323 according to the book with the title “Za Lok Kay Pho Lay?” (written by San Kyaw Tuan, (Maha Wizza), a Rakhine from Rathedaung, foreworded by the late Dr. Aye Kyaw and contributed by scholars like Dr. Aye Chan, Khin Maung Saw) page No. 81]. Who were these Indo-Aryans? Were not they forefathers of the people called Rohingya today? In which group of human stocks did Rakhines fall, Indo-Aryan or Mongolian? However, it can’t also denied that Rohingyas have the mixture of Bengalis who came to Myanmar during British colonial period.

    One more example! I think everybody knows Mexico and Argentina, people there are of spainish origin and speak spainish language. Why don’t people call them Spainish instead of Mexican and Argentinian? Americans speak English language and most them are of English. Why don’t people call them English in stead of Americans? The father of Obama was from Kenya but Obama is the president of US now.

    The word “Rohingya” is a slight variation of the word “Ruahonga” (in Rakhine meaning “from old village”) because the place where Rohingyas used to live was called Ruahong. Rohingyas have the habit of calling someone by the place name where they live. For example, if somebody is from Man-Aung, he will be called as Man-Aunggya, if from RatheThaung, then RatheThaungya and if from ButhiTaung, then Buthi-Thaungya etc. The word Rohingya has formed exactly the way Rakhine has formed from Rakkhasha.

    In history, Rohingya might not feel to call them as Rohingya because the situation and the time had not forced them to call so. It doesn’t mean that this people didn’t exist before. So, if someone says there is no word as Rohingya in the history of Arakan, then there is no word as Rakhine either. I have just put a logical argument here. We, many people in our Myanmar society have become mentally sick. That’s reason why we are too xenophobic of people of other race. We simply can’t tolerate any race besides Mongoloid. We need to grow up a lot in order to have a peaceful, prosperous and developed nation.
    Coming to the present situation, it is true that some of them tried to separate a part of Arakan and combine with east Pakistan at the time of independence. But not all of them demanded for it. Some of them even opposed those who were trying to do so. They were promised all the rights and citizenship and now they want live in Myanmar. Besides, most of the minorities in Myanmar have been trying for their independence because they feel that they will not be treated equally under Bama rulings. Even now, Kachin crisis is going on! And the Military is killing the civilians as usual!

    We need to understand the plot done by the regime! Today, Thein Sein regime is facing so many critical problems such as demands to immediately stop the genocidal war in Kachin, Myitsone Dam crisis, Electricity crisis, Water Crisis, labors’ and farmers demonstrations and extreme poverty in the country. When they are unable to solve these crises, the only way remaining for them is to divert people’s minds from the current crises by triggering racial and religious riots. The regime’s know well that when it comes to religion, most of the Myanmar people tend to be intolerant.
    Creating a riot between Rakhines and Muslims and they themselves behaving like Chaung Thu Daw pretending as if they are protecting the people will be a good tactic for them. Therefore, the whole riot has been being masterminded by the USDA regime to gain political advantage by taking innocent people’s lives (both of Rakhines and Muslims). Since Rakhines are not in good terms with Muslims, they have found a motive in them that can be useful for the regime. That’s what they have done. It is an effort by them to go back to the previous ruling system and make NLD into blacklist of some people since NLD can no way support the massacres as it is led by Daw Suu. But most of the people of Myanmar don’t use their brains in these kinds of matters and go with emotions. Rather, I’d like to say we are too dumb to understand regime’s plan.
    Many of our people call all Rohingyas terrorists as a whole. On what basis? May be because their scholars dress like Arabs or Afghanis? What is the definition of the terrorist? It is quite natural that, when one is severely persecuted and made unemployed, he or she might have tendency to behave like a terrorist or join terrorist. So far, no terrorism occurred in Arakan due to them. The only terrorists there are Military. As far as Ma Thida Tway’s case concerned, all the criminals whoever have done this must be punished according to law and I strongly condemn this. But it doesn’t mean that we need to go and kill all other innocent people of same religion or race. We have the law. In fact, criminals and terrorists have no religions or race but they just manipulate them. Recently, there have been at least two rape cases in Yangon and one of them was against a young boy. What about them? Were they made a mountain out of a molehill? In fact, rapes happen everywhere and every rapist must be punished according to the law. But the bitter truth here is that the culprits of all the problems in Arakan today are none other than military itself.
    I strongly support all the insecurity being felt by Rakhine brothers of illegal immigration from Bangladesh. But we need to let the law take care of this matter. We can’t be so rampant and kill other people even though he or she is illegal. But why should Bangladeshis still come to a land ruled by an oppressive government, where there is less economic opportunity and infrastructures are very poor? To Islamize Myanmar? Laughable indeed! Can 4% of Muslims convert 89% of Buddhists into Islam in the country? If we feel so, we are really feeling insecure! And we have a good reason to feel insecure. That is we are not practising our own religion, Buddhism which teaches peace and to win everyone with Metta (loving-kindness). The edict not to kill or inflict pains on others is integral to Buddhist thought! Instead, we have turned into a fanatic unbuddhist way and have portrayed Buddhism otherwise.

  • Andrew Philps

    After taking everything into consideration, I have come to the following conclusion. Whether or not one agrees to me, this is the bitter truth!!!!!!!!!

    As of today, many Burmese societies will be willing to accept a Mongolian or a Korean as one of their citizens because they look like them. It doesn’t really matter for them for how long they have been living in Myanmar (1 months, 2 months, 3 months or one year). If he or she is a Buddhist, the more chances he or she has to be accepted as Burmese citizen.
    But South-Asian descends like Rohingyas will not be accepted as their citizens no matter how long they have been living there (50 years, a century, 2 centuries and so on). Because they look different to them. As of today, to be a Burmese citizen, one must look like them or to be from Mongoloid race. Worse, Rohingyas practice a different religion. So, there is no chance for them to be accepted as its citizens.
    I agree to the statement of Mr. Mark Farmaner’s from Free Burma Campaign “Anti-Muslim prejudice is endemic in Burmese society and derogatory comments about Muslims are so commonplace. It is quite shocking.” They believe in racial purification like Nazis did. I have seen in some of their comments that they even demand to check the DNAs of Rohingyas to be able to decide whether they are Burmese citizens or not, exactly like what Nazis did to confirm whether one was of Aryan race or not. What has DNA to do with citizenship? I wonder how these same people can come to Europe, US, Canada etc and shamelessly demand asylums or citizenship within three to four years at a time when they don’t want recognize a people as their citizens, who have been living there at least for a century (here I don’t refer to all Burmese but those Xenophobic Burmese)!!!!

  • Kyaw Aye

    I am a Hindu from Maung Daw, Myanmar. A few days ago, my elder brother was shot dead by the Military on his way home. Why? Perhaps because we also look like Muslims here. Therefore, we urge international media to take the coverage of massacres going on against Indian look alike people whether Muslims or Hindus. We urge for systematic and reliable investigation about all the massacres here. The reality on the ground is quite contrary to what Myanmar media are portraying. Please, international, if you don’t believe, come and see!

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  • Min Thein

    First and foremost, I would like to express that I am just an ordinary citizen. I am not a scholar nor am I a government official. Therefore, this note I wrote only expresses my view as an ordinary citizen. Even before the clashes in Rakhine State occurred, I observed that the Rohingyas were propagandizing via BBC, and that there were tens of thousands of them living in Rakhine State. I have sub-categorized this article into the following:

    Where the name “Rohingya” have derived from and their real situation
    The Feelings of Myanmar People and Their Perspective
    How the Government Controlled the Situation and Future Prospect, Requirements
    Problems That Would Derive Because of Their Presence and Solution

    1. Where the name “Rohingya” have derived from and their real situation

    Regarding the name of “Rohingya”, international media who have been propagandizing for them claim that the name has derived from Rakhine language. But in truth, the name has derived from Bengali, the native language of Bangladesh. The name “Rohingya” in Bengali means “Someone Who Came Back from Another Land”. The emphasis is on the phrase “Come Back” and I don’t think it needs other explanation. Therefore, we can say that Rohingyas are not Myanmar ethnic nationals.

    Secondly, in history there have been wars between Bamar and Rakhines, and Rakhine and Bangladesh. In those history records, there haven’t been any mentions of Rohingyas in them. There also have been any history records that contains their name in the records of English-Myanmar wars either. Just because the Rohingya name needed to be concluded, you cannot make General Mahabandoola (or Mg Yit) as Rohingya. The name Mahabandoola is a Pali name of honour that derived from India, and the the name can be found in old Buddhist scriptures.

    Let’s look at the requests and claims of citizenship, and ethnicity by them. We should first observe and look through the citizenship rules and regulations of the nations who are the leaders of human rights and democracy such as Britain, America, Canada, Australia and other modern European nations. The first thing you would notice is that in order to become a citizen, they would need to know the official language of that country. Yet, Rohingyas rarely know how to speak the local Rakhine language, let alone the Burmese language. Even those who migrated deep into the middle of Myanmar by bribing immigration officers do not know how to speak the Burmese language. There are many ethnic races living in Myanmar, and there are many citizens of different races and religion living in Myanmar who knew how to speak Burmese because of closeness. Yet, the way how the Rohingyas living Myanmar in tens of thousands but does not know how to speak Myanmar shows how they are not even close to being a native ethnic race from Myanmar.

    From what I observed from current situations, I despised Rohingyas but also felt pity towards them. I despise them because they faked history and lied. I pity them because of their condition of having to live a life without having any values of being human. Young women gets marry at the age of 12. There were true fact things that most of international society can’t acceptable such as the son sleeping with the wife of the father, if allowed, or the father-in-law sleeping with daughter-in-law is not uncommon. A man can legally marry 4 wives. There are no guarantees for living, and they just live to live. A friend said that they only have two functions: running and giving birth. A doctor who came back from their camp said that their living standards is very low, contact many diseases, do not know any Burmese or are educated, and are living like gypsies. What we have to worry about is their birth rate. We should not forget that their birth rate is very very high. Just imagine the birth rate of a woman who married when she was 12 years old. Multiply that by four. You will see that their birthrate is the highest in the world. Therefore, I cannot think of how the male of the household works to be able to support them all.

    2. The Feelings of Myanmar People and Their Perspective

    Myanmar nationals have had the experience of communicating with people of different races and religions. But we have no ill feelings towards them as long as they do not hurt us. This is not related to the government, but just the feeling of the citizens. This is the Myanmar people’s flexibility and honesty. However, the Myanmar people are angry that some “foreigners” are forging history and lying that they were ethnic races from Myanmar. The Rakhine people would definitely feel angrier than us. I understand how they would feel.

    On the other side, Myanmar Muslims finds it hard to accept this truth. The Koran stated that Muslims have to protect each other. This fact is a very dangerous problem for Myanmar Muslims. Myanmar Muslims are also very different from other Myanmar national races because of their appearance, language and culture. The way they keep their beards long, the way they wear caps when they go to mosques, different appearances and speaks in Arabic language – Myanmar people have been understanding of their culture. But “would they understand our culture?” That is the biggest suspicion we have in our heart. Whether they will support the Myanmar people as fellow citizens instead of the Rohingyas who have the same religion and culture is, for us, a very complicated thing to understand. It depends highly on the Myanmar Muslims to get rid of these suspicions. Indonesia and Malaysia are Muslim countries, but some of us know that there are hardly any women who are walking around on the streets wearing headscarves. Therefore it would be best if they would accept changes when they are necessary. It is the deep desire of the Myanmar people that Myanmar Muslims are also regarded as citizens of Myanmar.

    3. How the Government Controlled the Situation and Future Prospect, Requirements

    It’s true that the current government has transited from dictatorship to civilian government, but as it wants to boost its image internationally, it makes things more problematic. During the dictatorships such as U Ne Win and U Than Shwe, they clearly and effectively eradicated rebellions (Mujahid included), and mass demonstrations within the country, but the current government cannot take such actions. That is a problem that they face. But I would like it if the government will take firm actions on this matter.

    There is a gentleman way of solving this problem. We can let them keep these Bengalis keep their name as Rohingyas. We will place them at refugee camps. Via military force, we can limit and control their ability to live beyond those areas and restriction of entry into other areas. Then UN agencies and other NGOs can take responsibility for them with their money. And we would also have to tighten the security on the borders so that more would not come in. The Third Countries around the world who respects human rights can accept these Rohingyas as refugees within their countries also. (Which I highly doubt that they will do. They will only make sounds. They will just say that these refugees do not meet with their rules and regulations to be accepted, and just ignore them)

    Another thing that we have to worry about is terrorism. Terrorists can easily persuade those who are living in extreme poverty. Now, we get to know that terrorists who are in connection with Al-Qaeda are systematically fusing connections with organizations which are connected with Rohingyas. This is a very dangerous thing for Myanmar. The simple truth is that all of Myanmar people do not want their land to become a hideout or a base for world terrorist organizations.

    Another thing I would like to point out is that former Bengalis have gotten into the Hluttaw (Parliament) as representatives. USDP Party and also the Hluttaw(Parliament) should recheck this situation and take action. They should remove such people from Hluttaw(Parliament), and also arrest them for breaking citizenship laws. The way that they got into the Hluttaw (Parliament) , which is the judicial pillar of the country, is in contempt of our sovereignty, and also it is very shameful act for the USDP Party. Maintaining sovereignty is one of the main three duties of the Constitution, and also one of the five promises that USDP had made to the people of Myanmar.

    4. Problems That Would Derive Because of Their Presence and Solution

    No one would put a tiger into a cattle ranch because you felt pity for the tiger. These Bengalis are a threat to us, however you look at them – as a group of people with terrorist threat, or due to the economical condition of being a developing country, or as liars who are demanding the same rights as ethnic Myanmar people. You have to keep in mind that whichever of the three aspects you look at, the unbelievably high birthrate and their sub-standard culture will create unsolvable problems (such as HIV/AIDS, and sexually transmitted diseases, incurable contagious diseases) that will last not only within this generation but also to another 4 or 5 generations.

    Just because we don’t want to accept them, we can’t say “Kill them all.” It will be a genocide, a big crime. Myanmar people are not Nazis killers. On the other hand, they are still a threat to us because of terrorism, swallowing us up with their population, and their substandard culture.

    The imminent threat of them killing or looting the Rakhines and Bamars living in the area, and group bullying is very high. Therefore, responsible officials should neglect the current situations, and should take control of this situation strictly and firmly, and assist them in systematic transporting to Third Countries, and to control with armed forces for future problems and clashes. I don’t see any other ways to take control of this situation. What Thai Marine General said, “If there are any other countries who want to accept them, take them” was not wrong. So there are only three exits for them: 1. Run back to Bangladesh 2. Row out into the sea 3. Go and live in Third Countries as much as those countries can accept.

    The most humane way would be for Myanmar to open refugee camps (like Burmese refugee camps in Thailand), and if there are any countries that want to accept them, they are free to take them away. UN and INGOs can take care of food and security. The army can tighten control so that they don’t cross into another area, and don’t create clashes.

    I wrote this so that people can think this through. I accept that there would be different opinions. Thank you.

    Min Thein

  • Rohingya Re Info Bd

    Thank you very much racist Rakhine Buddiest for your own hands fake or fabricated history against Rohingya Muslims Ethnic. A sentence may you, make you understand that, “Human being is Human being not animals.”

    “Here Rohingya never be welcomed as a Myanmar(Burma)’s citizen because of indifference belong to faces and but belong to same face will be welcomed for Myanmar(Burma)’ s citizen” This is strongly look alike foolish and inhuman’s word! Is n’t it? Ofcouse.

    So, avoid such comments from internet Please. because good at educated men read these.

  • Rohingya Re Info Bd

    Thank you very much racist Rakhine Buddiest for your own hands fake or fabricated history against Rohingya Muslims Ethnic. A sentence may you, make you understand that, “Human being is Human being not animals.”

    “Here Rohingya never be welcomed as a Myanmar(Burma)’s citizen because of indifference belong to faces and but belong to same face will be welcomed for Myanmar(Burma)’ s citizen” This is strongly look alike foolish and inhuman’s word! Is n’t it? Ofcouse.

    So, avoid such comments from internet Please. because good at educated men read these. Be careful Please for false or own fabricated history against Rohingya Muslims Ethnic, who used to live from very earlier period of 7th century in Arakan state Myanmar(Burma).

  • Rohingya Re Info Bd

    Hey! Do n’t write any bias comments.

    Thank you very much racist Rakhine Buddiest for your own hands fake or fabricated history against Rohingya Muslims Ethnic. A sentence may you, make you understand that, “Human being is Human being not animals.”

    “Here Rohingya never be welcomed as a Myanmar(Burma)’s citizen because of indifference belong to faces and but belong to same face will be welcomed for Myanmar(Burma)’ s citizen” This is strongly look alike foolish and inhuman’s word! Is n’t it? Ofcouse.

    So, avoid such comments from internet Please. because good at educated men read these. Be careful Please for false or own fabricated history against Rohingya Muslims Ethnic, who used to live from very earlier period of 7th century in Arakan state Myanmar(Burma).

  • maryam u r the first reporter to on this incident in Burma i really appreciate u for ur effort

  • Pingback: The Massacre of Muslims in Burma continues, with over 1000 killed in cold blood yesterday, without any media interest! Please share to awaken the conscience of Humanity! | occupythinktankwannfrieden()

  • South African citizen

    Today is the 1st day I have heard of this. The Western media has clearly failed us by omitting to report on this. I was actually really shocked n disgusted. It doesn’t matter if they are christian or muslim or pink or blue, the point is that they are human beings n all human beings are equal. I’d really appreciate it if anyone could enlighten me further about the plight so that I could try and lobby for organisations out here to help as well as to raise awareness. None of my friends even knew about it and I feel that this is worthy of knowing.
    Please contact me on prklaa001@hotmail.com

    Many thanks.

  • I m very heart by the all muslim countries they hold himself about the all poor Rakhine

  • All myanmar nationals speak Burmese which is our national language but those Rohingyas dont. And they speak Bengali. It should at least explain where they came from. This unfortunate incident happened. There are victims on both sides. But the military didnt fire a weapon at anyone at all. They shot into the air to control the angry group of Rohingya. We didnt understand the military that time for not shooting at the Rohingyas and were angry about it cos’ they shot at the protesting monks in 2007. But they were right about not shooting at any Rohingyas. Even though, Rohingyas were not shot, they are making fake news using the pictures of other events from other countries through the internet and emails. I am sure a lot of you have seen those pictures in which a lot of burnt bodies (it was actually in Africa), a lot of dead bodies with monks around (it was actually in Tibet), a lot of dead bodies on a river bank (the Tsunami pictures) and etc.

    If you believe everything you see on the internet, you are most probably fooled by some people.

    Do a little a research, do a little reasoning before you make a conclusion.

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