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Egypt, Bangladesh to launch direct flights in April targeting intra-regional trade stimulation

Egypt-Bangladesh trade exchange registers $132.5m in 2020: FEDCOC’s Ibrahim Al-Araby

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India, Bangladesh celebrate 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations

In 1971, India recognized Bangladesh as an independent and sovereign state. This…

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Bangladesh’s Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina wins elections

At least 16 people were reported to have been killed in violence among rival’s…

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Royal for International Trade to enter 5 markets, including Malaysia, Singapore, Bangladesh

Royal for International Trade intends to export 20,000 tonnes of citrus fruits…

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New video shows ‘IS’ planning more attacks in Bangladesh

A new video released by the so-called "Islamic State" features a group…

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Udo Steinbach: ‘The physical end of ‘Islamic State’ is approaching’

In Syria and Iraq, the 'Islamic State' group has been losing ground…

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Bangladesh begins two days of mourning following terrorist attack that killed dozens

Bangladesh's prime minister has decreed the next two days a mourning period.…

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Bangladesh’s crackdown on Islamists ‘lacking political strategy’

Bangladesh has launched a security operation against Islamists, who have been accused…

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Bangladeshi Hindus seeking safety in India

The number of Hindus living in Bangladesh continues to shrink as many…

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Bin Laden in the jihadist world of ‘Islamic State’

Five years after the death of bin Laden, al Qaeda is being…

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