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Chitra Kalyani
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Ever stumbled upon a website that excited or intrigued you? Below are some of my favorites, proving that there’s more to be experienced on the internet than Facebook and Wikipedia.

1) At asks “What do you want to do with your life? and lets you answer, 43 times. Each item on the list begins with “I want to…, hence the list goes along the lines of: 1. Write a novel, 2. Clean my room. Etc. The site also puts you in touch with a community that supports you with enthusiasm and comments. The companion site lists places you’d like to visit with peoples’ comments about trips, recommendations and suggestions

2) What started off as an interest in postcards eventually lead blogger Frank Warren onto a project to share secrets in, which has now become a safe online haven for people to create a postcard and write on it a secret that has never been shared, sending it to creator Frank’s home address. Companion sites for secrets submitted in French, German, Spanish and Korean provide translations into English. The story of the project’s genesis can be found at The secrets often reveal humorous, sad and intimate windows of human reality, making it a joy to read every week.

If you come across an interesting website, please share it with us at [email protected] and we’ll feature it next week.

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