Muslim convert wife and child will survive, uncle tells Daily News

Abdel-Rahman Hussein
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CAIRO: Miriam Atef Khella, whose husband was killed by her brother due to her conversion to Islam, will survive along with her nine-month-old daughter, Sami Saleh, the deceased s uncle told Daily News Egypt.

Khella, 25, was shot by her brother Rami along with her husband Ahmed Saleh and nine-month-old daughter Nora. Saleh died as a result of the shooting.

Sami Saleh, the uncle of the deceased, told Daily News Egypt that Miriam had her left arm amputated in the hospital as a result of the gun shot wounds, but is expected to recover from the shooting along with her daughter.

Rami Atef Khella, 28, who was angered by his sister’s conversion to Islam and marriage to Saleh, opened fire on the family at the doorway of their apartment building Tuesday night in the neighbourhood of Al-Ameriya and escaped with the aid of his uncle, Raafat Khella.

They were arrested several hours later and Rami confessed to the crime. He was taken in the early hours of Friday morning to the scene of the crime to show police officers a re-enactment of the crime.

Saleh’s family insists that only the execution of both defendants will be considered justice by them.

“The government so far has handled the situation well, the uncle said, “we are asking for the execution of both of them, and nothing less will do.

Saleh was buried Wednesday amid tight security as police shut off Ibrahim Abdulrahman Street at both ends and ordered the closure off all the shops lining the street.

The victim’s father told Al-Dostour newspaper, “I want justice for my son because he did nothing wrong. All he was guilty of was marrying the woman he loved. He added that after his son married Miriam her family threatened to kill them, which caused him to report the threat to state security, after which Miriam s family signed an affidavit not to come near her or her husband. I am waiting for the government’s response, he said, “and if it does not give us our rights then it wants people to kill each other. The execution of the killer and his uncle is the only justice [I will accept], he said.

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