Saudi blogger posts Internet video response to Dutch anti-Quran film

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BEIRUT: A Saudi blogger has made a short video featuring Bible texts allegedly calling for war and Christian extremists preaching violence, in response to an anti-Quran film by a Dutch lawmaker that has sparked angry street protests across the Muslim world.

Raed Al-Saeed says the purpose of his video is to show that it s easy to take segments of any holy book out of context and make it sound like the most inhumane text ever written.

Al-Saeed says he lifted footage from YouTube and used the same methods that Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders used to make his movie Fitna. The movie links terror attacks by Muslim extremists with texts from Islam s holy book, the Quran.

Al-Saeed says his video, which is entitled Schism, is not directed against Christians. -AP

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