ITIDA launches third phase of fellowship program

Reem Nafie
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CAIRO: The Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) recently launched the third phase of a fellowship program that aims to promote cooperation between the IT industry and academia.

Around LE 750,000 have been dedicated to the Information Technology Academia Collaboration (ITAC) fellowship program, which is the fifth in a series of ITIDA’s academic research programs. “For the first time, through ITAC, ITIDA will offer post-graduate students as well as teaching staff and researchers the opportunity to present their ideas and projects to get enrolled in the fellowship, Mohamed Salama, ITAC consultant and committee executive manager said. The program includes 11 research modules determined by the ITAC supervising committee including information security, integrated systems, the economies of information security and IT outsourcing. “The ITAC initiative primarily aims to promote cooperation between IT and academia by linking academic research with industry and market needs; and building networks of research and development, Salama said.

ITAC is offering five programs, in collaboration with ITIDA: project development projects, advanced research projects, ITIDA fellowships, student graduation projects and student summer trainings.

The programs “provide disciplined and accountable management and investment decision-making that accommodates rapidly changing research opportunities and needs, and ensures quality through expert peer review, he said.

The initiative will facilitate negotiation of research contracts, licenses for intellectual property, support and training for entrepreneurs, graduate recruitment and executive education.

“Most importantly, it will provide opportunities within IT companies for undergraduate, graduate and PhD students, he said.

The fellowship program is valid for one year to be renewed for a maximum of two years. A committee of specialists and experts is to evaluate the submitted proposals.

Those interested are encouraged to submit their proposals before Dec. 31, 2007.

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