Bel Group opens its second cheese factory in Egypt

Sherine El Madany
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CAIRO: Committed to putting a smile on the faces of cheese lovers across the country, Bel Egypt – manufacturer of single-serve cheese portions – opened its second factory in Egypt. The company promised to bring in new products as well as boost production for both local and export markets.

“We choose to operate in countries with a stable economic environment, strong local markets, good geographical location, good export capacities, and qualified human resources, said Marina Menu, vice president and general manager of Bel International.

Located in the heart of the Middle East and home to a huge consumer base, Egypt is a favorable destination for Bel Group. The firm invested over 20 million euros to establish and fully operate its second plant in Egypt.

“Egypt is a country with a population of 75 million, mostly youth and young adults, who need to consume a large amount of food and nutrition products as they grow, said Tayeb Mouhcine, managing director of Bel Egypt.

Established in 1998, Bel Egypt produces the ever-popular La Vache Qui Rit and Kiri cheese portions and plans to manufacture some of its other trademarks in the country. With total investments amounting to over 32 million euros, Bel Egypt has become an export hub for the Middle East and North Africa region with 70 percent of production bound for outside the country.

“We aim to be ambassadors of high quality ‘Made in Egypt’ products, Mouhcine added. “And we want to develop Egyptian-made products on a par with international standards.

Headquartered in France, homeland of cheese, Bel Group operates over 23 factories across the globe. Last year, the company’s sales revenues soared to 1.777 million euros and net profits to 79.4 million euros. With the inauguration of its second facility, Bel Egypt ranks the third largest factory complex within the entire group, after France and Morocco.

“Asian markets do not consume a lot of cheese; therefore, Egypt is a very important market for us which also helps us reach other countries in the MENA region, explained Menu.

Bel Group started selling its products in the market almost 30 years ago, way before beginning a physical operation in Egypt. The company currently holds a 20 percent market share and plans to further increase that figure through launching new products and improving its distribution network.

“Egypt is a very competitive market with strong local and international players, and this competition keeps us on our toes, Menu pointed out. “Bel has been addressing the Egyptian market for a long time now, and we understand consumer needs. Our main objective is to manufacture products suitable in terms of both pricing and taste.

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