Gala fashion evening supports "Right to Live"

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Proceeds from Dior’s gala fashion show tonight will be contributed to The Right to Live Association for the Intellectually Disabled (RTLA). The association is a nonprofit private organization that provides care and training to people with special needs.

Established in 1981 by parents and families of an intellectually disabled individual, RTLA has one main goal: to give people with special needs the right to learn, to play, to work – in short, the right to live and be part of the community.

Since then, RTLA has worked, not only to support its own students, but to extend its help and expertise to other associations concerned with the welfare and livelihood of persons with special needs in Egypt as well as well as the Middle East.

The association also plays an important role in raising awareness about the issues concerning people with special needs, and has helped bring about many changes in the way society views this special group.

For more information please contact:The Right to Live AssociationReg. No. 2855-198158 Nazih Khalifa StreetHeliopolis, EGYPTOr visit its website at:

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